Had a Blast at HARD Summer!!!

HARD Summer was definitely the highlight of our trip out to LA, and the premise of us planning the trip actually. I’ve been looking forward to this line-up since we bought our tickets back in April…

Hard Summer Music Festival Summer 2012 Line-Up

Here are some photos & videos from the festival…

Hard Summer Entrance Gate

Hard Summer, 2012 EntranceThe crowd flocking to the HARDFest

Night #1:

Hard Summer Music Festival 2012 Friday Set Times

Hard Summer during SunsetHARD Summer during sunset. So beautiful!

Sitting at Hard Summer, LA, 2012My purple sneakers – they take me to every concert I go to and keep my toes from getting smashed. Ohhh, if these shoes could tell stories…

Hard Summer Stage

Hard Summer - Surkin Stage Shot

Hard Summer Crowd Shot

Hanging out on the hill, listening to the music and overlooking the crowd. Like I said before I left; music and fashion go hand-in-hand, they’re both a combination of creativity and expression. In observing people at the fest, you could see & feel their passion for the music they were listening too and their personal style matched the electronic music they loved so much: eclectic, eccentric and extravagant. (I wish I would have taken some ‘festival fashion’ photos, but I didn’t. As you know from my past blog, https://expressthrudress.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/ive-had-a-terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-day/, my phone sucks…and I still haven’t gotten a new one. So I had to save my battery life for the performances).

Hard Summer Performance

Night #2: Finally, my faves NERO and Skrillex back-to-back!! Hope you enjoy the show!

Hard Summer Music Festival 2012 Saturday Set Times

Hard Summer - Bloody Beetroots Stage Shot

Bloody Beetroots

Hard Summer - NERO Stage Shot


Skrillex – Promises

Skrillex closing the show with Cinema. Augh, it puts a smile on my face every time watch.

Hard Summer Lights

HARD SUMMER…I can HARDly wait til next SUMMER!!! :)

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