Country Roads, Take Me Home. To the Place I Belong….

 Bell Ave, Plato Minnesota

“Country Roads, take me home
To the place I belong

West Virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads” – John Denver

My Farm, Plato Minnesota

I flew back to Minnesota last night to spend the weekend with my family. It’s always nice to flip flop the city sidewalks for country roads for a couple days!

Many think that Minnesotans live pretty low-key lifestyles…but that’s definitely not the case for me when I come back to town! I often have a long list of things to do when I head home; first & foremost is spending time with my family and make my rounds to see grandparents. I try to squeeze in a check-up appointment or two – if I’ve coordinated things in advance or there happens to be a last minute cancellation somewhere (which is more often the case!). And if I’m lucky, I get to see a few friends before I hop on my flight back to Chi.

This time around is definitely no different. I got to meet my new nephew for the first time, celebrate my niece’s 2nd birthday and spend a day at the lake (although an incoming cold front probably cuts out any chance of going in the water!) I may get in a round of golf with my parents and possibly stop by Mall of America to pop in a few shops before going to the airport.

It’s only day one and I knocked out a dental cleaning (which also included a half hour commute to & from), went to the barn with my niece to feed the kitties, and went to a chiropractor – all by 10:30 this morning!!

Adelyn & Kitten, Summer 2012

Then it was off to the county fair for the afternoon. After a corndog, cheese curds, chickens, bunny rabbits, sheep, swine,  the carousel, ferris wheel, and giant slide, fresh squeezed lemonade, mini donuts, Scottish dancers, pizza, fresh-popped popcorn, cows, and horses – we were tired!…oh, and a bag of cotton candy. We quickly stopped by an antique shop to browse for any treasures before heading home – where we crashed on the couch. But only for a little bit…then we visited with my grandma who stopped by, fed the kittens again & went on an adventure around the farm, and played Barbie’s til bedtime.

Carosel Ride at the County Fair with my Nieces

Junk Food at County Fair

Now that I’m finished writing this blog about my busy day…I’m going to bed, I’m exhausted! Goodnight!


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