If I Can’t go to the Beach…I’ll Just Wear One

I’ve been feeling a little guilty that we’re nearing the end of summer and I have yet to spend a single day at the beach. I really have no excuse – the weather has been great, I only live a few blocks away from the lake, and Sunday’s are my day off to do whatever I please. But when I want to soak up the sun, my rooftop pool always seems so much more convenient; all I have to do is hop on the elevator and head up. I don’t have to lug my stuff down the street, stake claim on my shore-front spot, or check the E Coli levels of Lake Michigan to see if it’s even safe to go in the water.

My Rooftop Pool

I do love the feeling of sand between my toes…but I also hate tracking all those tiny granules back home with me! To make up for my lack of time spent by the shore I decided to showcase it in my daily style…

Anthropologie Inkjet Halter Dress - Silk Beach Print Sheath

Anthropologie Inkjet Halter Dress - Silk Beach Print Sheath

I just bought Inkjet Haler Dress on sale from Anthropologie for around $30.00, originally $168.00. With its panoramic blue tide, ankle waders and mixture of vintage-inspired floral stripes, the silk blurred print sheath is something a little different from your standard dress.

It was one of my season’s favorites because its playful print and comfy silhouette are the epitome of effortlessly chic summertime style – it is the perfect balance of feminine and fun! I topped the quirky beach-front dress with a tan cocoon cardigan when it cooled down and a pair of maroon sandals that picked up the shade within one of the prints.

Anthropologie Inkjet Halter Dress - Silk Beach Print Sheath

Do you ever make a splash with your personal style by wearing a peculiar statement piece? I’d love to hear what it was!


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