Some Rules Are Meant To Be Broken!!

Monday was Labor Day and if you abide by the old-fashion fashion rules it was technically the last day you could wear white for the season. Everyone has heard of the old-school style “rules”…but does anyone really follow them anymore?

I definitely don’t go by the guidelines carved in stone during my grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother’s era. Fashion is constantly evolving and I think we’ve moved way past these prehistoric fashion “rules”:

1.    You can only wear white Memorial Day through Labor Day.

I know I’m not ready to pack away all of my white clothes for the winter. In fact, I can’t wait to embrace this “Winter White” look styled by Free People when the weather gets cold & the snow starts to fly!

Winter White Outfit - Free People Summer Love Affair Tunic

2.    Your shoes, belt and handbag must always match.

BORRRINGGGGG!!!! Fashion should be fun…and just admit it – being matchy-matchy, is not fun! Accessories are meant to accentuate; so play up your shape with a shiny patent belt, carry an eye-catching handbag, or put on a pair of animal-print pumps. There’s just no reason to wear the classic black-black-black (well, maybe if you have a very conservative workplace, but I don’t know what that’s like).

3.    Never mix black with brown or navy.

Color blocking has been a huge trend during the past several seasons and I don’t think that’s going to change. Dressing head-to-toe in one hue or two, or wearing complimentary colors on the color wheel is completely acceptable.  I usually mix a lighter shade of brown, like cognac, with black as opposed to a darker chocolate brown. And I don’t wear whole a lot of navy; but bottom line, don’t let the color palette prevent you from pairing any pieces together.

4.    You can’t wear suede or leather in summer.

Whoops. I’ve been carrying my Ember Skyy suede fringe bag all summer long and all I’ve gotten is compliments on it.

Ember Skyy - Hunter Green Suede Fringe Handbag

And if this “rule” was true…then these suede fringe sandals shouldn’t have even been produced. I love adding a touch of texture to my outfits and would never allow this to limit me.

Black Suede Fringe Crystal Embellished Sandals

5.    Never mix your jewelry metals.

Whoops again! My everyday arm candy is an accumulation of a gold cuff, a brushed silver watch, a recycled leather band, and all sorts of aged mixed-metal rings. I just pile it all on; and if you wear a piece that already combines gold & silver in that one, it makes doing this even easier.

Mixing Metal Accessories - Gold & Silver JewelryI’ve developed a pretty distinct personal style through the years and I like to create outfits that often push the limits. I realize I am relatively open-minded when it comes to fashion, and personally, I think all of these “rules” are out-dated.

What do you think? Were these fashion myths made to be broken???

Hope you all enjoyed your Holiday weekend!


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