The Perfect Mid-September Day for a Seasonal Wardrobe Switch

Today was a pretty productive day for me. I’ve been meaning to do a closet clean-up for quite some time – and today was they day! As I’ve mentioned before that it’s important to go through your wardrobe from time-to-time to make sure that you only have the clothing that you currently wear hanging in your closet (or in my case, folded in my dresser drawers as well).

I’ve also said in the past that I’m a very visual person; I have to see my clothing to remember to wear it, so the majority of my everyday things are hanging out in front of me. However, I still have a dresser that’s filled with casual t-shirts & layering tanks, workout wear and pajamas. Because the bottoms of my drawers have begun to cave-in, I figured it was about time for me to go through what was in them and get rid of some stuff – and since I always seem to wear the same five shirts over & over again anyways.

But getting rid of things can be difficult for some people (and when it comes to me – clothing especially!) I had my best friend over to help me weed out what I should keep & what I should get rid of so I’d actually make some progress on this purge of mine. After keeping all of the American Apparel deep-V neck gym t-shirts I’m obsessed with and separating my sentimental t’s – old Plato Bluejays softball jersey shirts & Hamline gymnastics camp tops from when I was 12, I chose a couple graphic cotton tops to keep and donated the rest. Although, it got a little tough at times – You mean I don’t need 3 pairs of the same shorts in 3 different colorways? Or all of the Harley Davidson t-shirts I collected on a family vaca to Deadwood? I’m happy to say I came up with a garbage bag full clothes to donate…and I no longer worry my dresser drawers are on the verge of collapsing.

My Vintage T-Shirts

Wardrobe Organization

Since I was a roll, I decided to continue with my closet merchandising and get my seasonal wardrobe switch out of the way right away. Seasonal rotations can be fun (because you get to pull out things that have been packed away for months!) but they’re also a lot of work and can take a lot of time. For tips & tricks on performing season switches read my past blog, Ahhh, My Spring Switch is FINALLY Complete, ,

Transitioning from summer into fall is always difficult for me. Because I love fall fashion so much more, I have a ton more sweaters than I do tiny sheer tops. I only packed away one tote of “off-season summer” stuff compared to the three totes of cozy sweaters I unpacked. Since five sheer shirts equals the size of one heavy sweater and a lot of tank tops stay out year-round & simply be layered with a cardigan I’m doing great on storage space. But that also means that I have some pretty crammed racks full of chunky sweaters. I’ll have to do some rearranging to make room for new fall styles; but after the day is done, I’m happy that I have cut out the clothes I don’t wear, put away the platform pumps I haven’t worn in years (boot-season baby!), stored my summer stuff and pulled out my cords & comfy sweaters.

My Organized Closet

My Organized Closet

My Organized Closet

On an odd note, I was looking back at some of my old blogs, and I noticed that I did my season switch on the 16th of September last year as well. It must be the perfect day to be productive and prepare for fall!

I’m ready for when the weather cools. Are you?


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