I May be a Fair Weather Fan…but at Least I’m a Fashionable One!

 ‘Da Bears’ just kicked off against the St. Louis Ram’s; so once again, football fanatics flock to Soldier Field & sports bars around the city for Sunday Funday football.

Chicago Bears Logo

I’m not really into professional-team sports, well – sports in general actually; nor do I know the rules or much about the overall game at all. My main sport growing up was gymnastics; I’ll stop everything I’m doing to sit down & watch a balance beam routine, but everything else, ehh.

Since Chicago is such a sports-centric city (we’ve got the Bears, the Blackhawks, the Bulls, the Cubs & the White Sox’s), I’m surrounded by a bunch of die-hard sports fans cheering for something, all year round.So, in case I ever find myself in the vicinity of other cheering for a Bears ‘team’ victory, I’ve made sure that I’m at least prepared to look like part (even if I’m pretending to know what’s going on). But I do so in my own “fashionable fan” kind of way. :)

I bought this washed & worn looking raglan sleeve ‘Chicago Bears’ shirt from Urban Outfitters last year when the season ended (on sale for $9.99, originally something like $58.00). I paired it with my silk & tulle tiered tutu skirt from Free People.

Chicago Bears 'Fashionable Fan' Outfit

Chicago Bears 'Fashionable Fan' Outfit

Yes, sort of a ridiculous ensemble, but I figure – it’s also ridiculous to cheer on players that you don’t personally know and to scream profanities at a TV when a ref makes a bad call – so, I won’t be the only one that’s weird. Plus, if my “team” wins, I’ve got my pink party skirt on to celebrate!

Go Team Go!!!  (I guess…)

Are you a huge sports fan? If so, are you a stylish one?  Or do you prefer to wear one of those lovely polyester jerseys to feel like you’re part of the team?


One response to “I May be a Fair Weather Fan…but at Least I’m a Fashionable One!

  1. That’s a cute shirt! My problem with most sports apparel is it’s all so jersey-ish and bulky.

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