Inspired By: The Global Nomad

I apologize for lacking in new posts lately; I’ve been spending a lot of time on research, a last-minute project, and life in general (all things I should have shared, but I didn’t. Sorry!)

The Fall Trend Report I posted on Monday was one of them, but another was a collage I wanted to make (well, technically two collages). After almost completing the first, I wasn’t entirely happy with how it turned out…so I decided to make another. The first is still a work in progress, but after debating over a number of other ideas I had (none of which I’ll share with you because they’re also still a work in progress) it wasn’t until I walked into the carpet boutique I pass by everyday on my way home from the gym, that I finally got my mojo back. The colorful window displays filled with hand-carved furniture, ornate hand-knotted rugs, and unique designs from around the world have always intrigued me, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that I finally walked through the front door.

Carpet Boutique - Bolivian, Turkish colorful hand-woven rugs

Carpet Boutique - Bolivian, Turkish colorful hand-woven rugs

Carpet Boutique - Bolivian, Turkish colorful hand-woven rugs

Carpet Boutique - Bolivian, Turkish colorful hand-woven rugs

Carpet Boutique - Bolivian, Turkish colorful hand-woven rugs

Colorful Bolivian Hand-knotted RugsI ended up leaving the store over an hour later, after having a delightful conversation with an elderly man about some of his Turkish and Bolivian rugs, furniture pieces that he was making, design ideas I’ve been conceptualizing, and a mystery man with a pit bull that he’d just found out was living in his unoccupied house. (As well as a bag full of textile swatches and colorful velvet strands for some other projects I have in the works)

Velvet Strands & Woven Textile

So, inspired by my carpet shop visit, the current ‘Global Nomad’ trend, a book I’ve been reading (Gypset Style) and my personal style as a whole, I created a product collage. I looked through tons of photographs & product images to compile the perfect combination where pleasure, travel and livelihood all coexist in an eclectic style to create the perfect lifestyle. I find it therapeutic to sit down and spend a day making an arts-and-crafts project every once-and-awhile; there’s something about spending a couple hours listening to music and cut-n-pasting that is calming and revitalizes s creative mind.  Have a look at my end result…

Free People "Global Nomad" Product Collage

One of my favorite trends that is still in style this fall, is the nomadic nuances that are found again among fashion. The ‘Global Nomad’ trend is less literal this fall compared to last – think more “worldly”, less “tribal”, but none the less, still very much in style. Some of the elements that define the concept are rich jewel tones, billowy silhouettes, muted earth tones, lavish fabrics, assorted metals, ornate embroidery and ethnic embellishments. The world-traveler’s way of dressing encompasses colorful combinations of juxtaposing prints, an array of textures and lots & lots of layers.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Global NomadSource:

It is also this general notion that I feel my personal style correlates with and my natural way of dressing mimics.  I love creating piled-up wanderlust looks that fuse floral prints with fur, flowy shapes, patchwork lace, and random pieces I’ve gathered from all over the place. Not to be confused with a bum, (which my less fashion-forward male coworkers sometimes relate me to) my layered looks may look like a random mash-up, but they’re actually thoughtfully contrived based on colors, textures, and common detailing.

Free People Graphic Top over Black Maxi DressMy Free People high-low graphic print raglan top worn over a black maxi dress, accessorized with a black & ivory patterned scarf.

Chambray Shirt & Patchwork Crochet PonchoMy Free People chambray shirt layered under my colorful patchwork crochet poncho with leggings.

Free People Dark Floral Dress w Missoni-inspired Crochet PonchoMy Free People charcoal black, floral print silk dress belted underneath my Missoni-inspired crochet wrap.

Anthro Stallion Sweater, Free People Gray Sweater & Ivory Crochet WrapMy Anthropologie stallion sweater underneath my Free People gray sweater worn with my oatmeal crochet infinity wrap

Thanks for always giving me your ‘two cents’ boys…but I don’t need it :)

Alright, well maybe you were right about this one…

UO Striped Poncho, Free People Sweater, Crochet Wrap Hobo OutfitMy Free People gray sweater layered underneath my Urban Outfitters Striped poncho, accessorized with an ivory crochet infinity wrap.

When was the last time you took some time to slow down, sit down, and make something?


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