A Closer Look: Roses in Reverse

Yesterday I blogged about the high-low hemline trend and today I’d like to get your opinion on one of the outfits I featured in that post. As I said, I’ve been wearing my charcoal floral print open-back dress from Zara all summer long; but now that sleeveless dresses are no longer suitable in this colder weather, I’ve layered the look so I can continue to wear it.

Here I’ve topped the dress with my ivory lace button-front cardigan from Anthropologie. In addition to opaque mauve tights, I wear a pair of tan floral print socks and hunter green suede boots.

Floral Print High-Low Dress with Contrasting Floral Print Socks

Now, if you look close – the charcoal dress is covered with light pink & tan roses with little green leaves. The socks have a similar all-over floral print, except in a slightly different color scheme – they have a tan base with light pink roses and tiny green leaves.

Roses in Reverse - Contrasting Floral Prints

In this case, all of the accessories in this ensemble are the adverse of the floral print found in the dress. The cognac belt and mauve tights (not shown) pull the corresponding colors from the floral. The stockings are essentially the reverse of the dress. And the suede boots, made of the hunter green hue of the leaves found in both pieces, finish off the outfit.

What do you think? Are the contrasting blooms a bit too much? Or in this instance, do opposites attract and up the ante of this ensemble? I can’t wait to hear what you think!


One response to “A Closer Look: Roses in Reverse

  1. Hi Jill! Super cute outfit. Love your blog. Stop by mine if you get a chance, hope you might like it, too! AlmanacOfStyle.com

    Keep it up!

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