Fifty Shades Freed…now back to Fashion!

Forgive me for lacking in new content lately! After writing the blog about my Fifty Shades of Grey inspired outfit I decided to go out and buy the book; and I’ve spent almost all of my spare time since reading about the whirlwind relationship between the beautiful, but bossy billionaire Christian Grey and the young, innocent Miss Anastasia Steele. I’ve been captivated by the chaotic relationship between the couple who, in the beginning, seemed to have very little in common; but instantly, found themselves inseparable. The polar opposite personalities attract in the romantic thriller; and as their lust turns into love, they’re challenged to relive memories they’d rather forget, open their minds to new experiences, and explore emotions they’ve never felt before.

As enjoyable as it’s been to live vicariously through the complex love story, I really do need to get back to reality. After two more trips to Barnes & Noble, three weeks of none stop reading, a plane ride and a six hour car drive, I finally finished the last book in the series, Fifty Shades Freed, and now – I’m freed! I can go back to real life; spend time styling Lola, write blogs, and work on the random little projects I’ve started. I haven’t read a fiction novel in years (I stick mainly to fashion-focused books) and it seems that I’m much more productive when my life is lacking literature – so it may be a few more years before I pick up another book…unless of course, there’s an addition to the Christian Grey collection in the meantime :)

Universal recently announced plans to turn the best-selling book into a motion picture. Rumor has it some of the prospects that could be cast to play the alluring Christian Grey are Ryan Gosling, Chace Crawford, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Pattinson, Matt Bomer, and Henry Cavill.

Christian Grey - Ryan Gosling, Chace Crawford, Jake Gyllenhaal

Christian Grey - Robert Pattinson, Matt Bomer, Henry Cavill

No one knows who’s piercing eyes, devilish smirk, and brushed bronze hair will dominate the big screen so until the movie premiers the smoldering Christian Grey lives only in our memories. Perhaps if I had my own Fifty Shades in my life, he might look something like this…

Possible Christian Grey Look-a-Likes

Possible Christian Grey Look-a-Likes

I always appreciate a well-dressed man in a stylish outfit with sharp accents – it shows that he cares enough about his presentation to make an effort to be fashionable and put himself together. Here are a couple menswear combinations I’m in favor of…

Menswear Combinations

Menswear Combinations

How fashionable is the Fifty in your life?



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