Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your day with great company and good food. Whether you feasted over a carved turkey, stuffing, cranberries & pumpkin pie before taking an afternoon nap (which was a tradition for me growing up) or watched football with friends, today was all about giving thanks for what you’ve been blessed with in your life.

Since moving to Chicago, my Thanksgiving Day celebration has been a bit modified – last year, a friend and I went to the grocery store morning of to shop for the meal we were going to prepare. Since we only came across 20 lb. frozen turkeys, we ended up cooking a bunch of sides and had a steak delivered. (Thank you, GrubHub :) This year I simply cooked up a box of spiral mac ‘n cheese.

Thankfully, the weather was beautiful today (in the unseasonable 60’s), so I went on a run along the lakefront and reflected on all of the other things in my life that I am thankful for.

Chicago Skyline

I am thankful for my loving family, and I’m thankful that I got to spend time with them last weekend celebrating my father’s 60th birthday and my nephew’s baptism. I’m forever grateful for the unconditional love & support my parents have given me and for what they’ve taught me. I’m happy to have two older sisters, two energetic little nieces and a new baby boy in the family. I’m also thankful for the amazing friends and coworkers that I’ve met, who have become my other family here in Chicago.

Family Photo at Katie & Mikes Wedding

Addie & I Blowing Bubbles

Coryn & I at the Beach

Baby Peter & I

I’m grateful to have chosen the path I have; I’m glad I grew up on a farm, and that I moved to the big city. I’m thankful for my life experiences thus far, and what I’ve learned from them. I truly love what I do; I love fashion, I have my education and work two jobs that I enjoy. I’ve been blessed with good health, food, and my studio apartment I call home (which I decorated with holiday décor today!) Sneak peak…

Holiday Decor

I’m also grateful for all of you, who visit my site and continue to inspire me to keep up with my blog and share my styling ideas with you! I originally started this just for something to do and I recently hit 10,000 views – it’s become something much bigger than I ever expected and I couldn’t be more excited!

I hope you all took a moment today to appreciate all of the things in your own life and I hope you have an amazing holiday season full of family, friends and fortune!


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