Black Friday…Thankfully it Wasn’t too Bad!

Echoing the sentiments of Thursday – I am thankful that I survived Black Friday! I’ve never actually got up to shop for the door buster deals on the most popular shopping day of the year…but being in the retail biz, I’ve been required to work them the past several years.

I do love my job, but Black Friday is always the day I dread going to work! But surprisingly, I must say – yesterday was way better than what I expected. I always brace myself for the worst on biggest day for the worst, but our management team had a strategy prepared to offset the high number of shoppers we anticipated and the large amount of merchandise we expected to process to reach the sales goals we projected – and that says a lot considering I work at one of the biggest & busiest Anthropologie stores in the company. If things are not well organized from the start than things can go south real quick!

I woke up at 5am for my shift. I typically watch the morning news while I get ready for work, but yesterday I had to turn off the TV because I was tired of hearing the repetitive buzz about Black Friday – the crime reports consisted of people pushing each other to get into stores and fights that broke out to get limited products. Instead of the usual traffic report predicting the time delays during rush hour the skycam was hovering over mall parking lots foretelling how much time it would take to park. And the weather report – yikes! The drastic 30° drop in temperature from yesterday was bitter cold! I barely made my six block walk to work without freezing, I can’t imagine how the people who camped out in front of stores all night must have felt (and I don’t feel bad for the crazy fools who subjected themselves to those conditions!)

Even though I was exhausted after my eight hour shift of processing mass amounts of merchandise and dealing with customers, I braved Michigan Avenue for a few things I had to pick up. The sidewalks were filled with mobs of people and Watertower Place was a zoo. Personally, I just don’t understand what people find enjoyable about waking up at the crack of dawn, waiting in lines, frivolously filing through racks of clothes and fighting over things.  Is it really worth it? It’s just stuff. Yes, everyone loves a good bargain…but people turn into animals! Especially since the day before we are supposed to be thankful for everything we have. It’s sick.

Black Friday Shoppers - Michigan Avenue

Black Friday Shoppers - Watertower Place

Black Friday Shoppers - Watertower Place

Black Friday Shoppers - Watertower Place

I did score on a pretty cool pair of boots – the Holding Horses Basalt Military Boots from Anthro. Since I have to wear black all the time I figured they were practical. The boots, which were originally $258.00, were on sale with an additional discount; plus I had an exchange to do, so I walked out with them only having to pay $30.00 out of pocket. Not too bad, I’d say :)

Anthropologie - Holding Horses Basalt Military Boots

Were you one of those crazy Black Friday shoppers? What deals did you get?


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