Did the Dryer Eat My Dress?

While doing laundry last Saturday I seemed to have misplaced my Diesel mustard yellow sweatshirt dress. I don’t know if the dryer ate it or if one of my neighbors thought it’d look better on them – regardless, right now…it’s missing. :(

Diesel Kasumi Sweatshirt Dress (2)

Now, there’s a certain sense of loss I feel whenever I’m separated from something out of my wardrobe. Whether I wreck it, lose it, or grow out of it, I love everything I own (or else I wouldn’t buy it) and when I can no longer wear it, it makes me a little sad. (Yes, I realize how stupid this may sound, but like I’ve said before; for right now, my clothes are my children, and I treat them as such). But the disappearance of this particular sweatshirt dress is especially upsetting and here’s a brief back story why…

I admired the ‘Kasumi’ dress in the Diesel window display for weeks before I finally went into the store and bought the last one they had in stock. Then, after having slight buyer’s remorse over spending what I did on the cotton basic and discovering a small hole in it, I decided to return it. I still couldn’t stop thinking about the darn thing, so weeks later, I went back to Diesel and they were able to track down 1 of only 4 dresses that were left in the entire company (except it was a size small, and I originally wanted an x-small). Just for kicks, I searched the internet and found the dress in my original smaller size on some random website I’d never heard of. Now, I’ve never shopped online at a site I don’t have a history with because I just don’t trust it; but, I decided to try my luck (and possibly in some degree of desperation) I bought the x-small from the random website (with the intention of then returning the small that I had in my possession back to Diesel). Well…I should have went with my instinct and just stuck with what I had because when I got my package in the mail, it was not the Diesel ‘Kasumi’ dress that I’d ordered, but instead, a Louis Vuitton tie and pair of cufflinks (clearly a counterfeit)! After several attempts at contacting the mystery retailer and getting no response, I put in a claim to my bank and got my money back. Ultimately, I kept the second ‘Kasumi’ dress I bought from Diesel and reaffirmed my reasoning for why I don’t shop online at random retailers.

Louis Vuitton Tie & Cufflinks

Yes, I realize this story makes me seem kind of crazy and the retail run-around was a little irrational – but, hey, I wanted that dress and I was determined to get it! And now…after all that, and having it in my possession for less than four months, the f’ing dress is gone again!!! (pardon, my French, but really? Errrr!) The last I recall, I put it in the washer, but I don’t remember hanging it up when everything was done in the dryer. So sometime, in that short span of time, it vanished. I know it’s just a piece of cloth and can easily be replaced, but still, the amount of thought and work that went into getting that dress; then only having it and wearing it for a few months (but boy, did I wear that dress!) makes the fact that now it just disappeared very frustrating!

I hate to think that one of my neighbors might have taken the dress from my soiled laundry (I hate to even think about a stranger going through my stuff :/) but I also don’t want to spend 2 hours of my day sitting down in the laundry room, posted up like a bodyguard by my washers and dryers. I guess it’s the risk you take when you live in a high-rise and have a communal laundry. I put up a plea for my missing piece on the bulletin board and I just hope whoever has it, sees my flyer, and returns it to its rightful owner! It’s the Holiday season people…have a heart!

Community Laundry Room

Community Laundry Room

Thank you for listening to me rant. While one of my favorite dresses is stuck in wardrobe purgatory, I have to clean up the apartment that I’ve flipped upside-down during my search…and keep my fingers crossed that it’ll still turn up.

Have you ever mysteriously lost something you love in the laundry? Did you find it?


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