Roses Are Red and I’m Feeling Blue…Maybe This Will Do?

While mourning the loss of my mustard yellow sweatshirt dress I thought a little retail therapy might help cheer me up.

Missing Diesel Kasumi Dress(Thanks, someone, for the kind note…I hope I get it back too!)

It worked…a little. I took a trip to the Free People boutique on Southport Ave. and came across a couple good finds in the sale section.

Free People Boutique - Southport Ave., Chicago

One of the things I found was this Wildfox Couture blue vintage floral print graphic sweatshirt…

Wildfox Couture Vintage Rose Graphic Print Sweatshirt

The one and only bright blue cotton basic stood out on the sale rack that was filled with the typical dull, dark winter hues. Since it’s a size large and has a naturally oversized silhouette, the sweatshirt is more of a dress on me; but, it was the last one and I figure – I tend to wear things a bit baggy anyways, so oh well. Plus, this replacement piece was only $29.95, originally $148.00! Score!!!

The comfy casual top doesn’t quite fill the void I feel for my first sweatshirt dress that’s still MIA…but for now, I suppose it will do. The “retail gods” must have known how much work went into getting the Diesel dress (and how much I miss it),  so they went easy on me this time around. :)

Wildfox Couture One of a Kind Vintage Rose Sweatshirt(Oh, Wildfox Couture sweatshirt, I want our love to last forever too…or at least longer than my Diesel dress did!)

Channeling the same styling notions I did when I put together outfits with my original, here are a couple copycat looks I styled for a causal day out-and-about in my new sweatshirt dress…


Diesel Kasumi Sweatshirt Dress styled with Leggings & Bloomers

(Left) A layered look – with my Anthropologie ‘Eye Dazzler’ Navajo print scarf and a pair of black leggings. (Right) A playful look – with my Free People ivory lace-trim silk bloomers peaking out from underneath the Diesel dress and a couple long, layered necklaces.


Wildfox Couture Vintage Rose Sweatshirt styled with Leggings, Fur Collar & Olive Beanie

I winterized the Wildfox Couture sweatshirt by accessorizing it with an Anthropologie olive, studded knit beanie (the shade pulls from the rose stem on the shirt), an H&M faux fur collar, and ivory sweater socks inside Steve Madden grey leather boots.

Wildfox Couture Vintage Rose Sweatshirt styled with Bloomers

Again with the Free People ivory lace-trim silk bloomers peaking out from underneath the sweatshirt, worn with my cognac Minnetonka Moccasin fringe lace-up suede boots.

Wildfox Couture Vintage Rose Sweatshirt styled with Textured Leggings

I texturized the look by pairing the naturally slubbed soft cotton sweatshirt with Free People charcoal & taupe textured leggings and Steve Madden suede & leather riding boots.

Have you ever tried to find a replacement for something you once loved to wear? It’s just not the same, is it?


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