Save on Seasonal Stuff

Like I said the other day, I’ve collected a lot of seasonal stuff over the past couple years; and much of that stuff has come from the day after Christmas sales that my mom, sisters & I come across. The last couple years we’ve gone to The Galleria in Edina, Minn. to shop the deeply discounted seasonal décor at Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and a couple other small specialty shops.

The commemorative Christmas figurines and delicate ornaments that come out every season are all very nice, but I’m not about to pay full price for them. I seem to have an eye for expensive things; but I also have a limit – and little knick-knacks aren’t what I’m going to be spending my entire paycheck on. (Plus I learned the cost to produce & standard retail mark-up on merchandise while in school and refuse to pay full price for anything anymore) Sure snowmen, nutcrackers, and all those other tiny trinkets are lovely accents to have, but they’re not necessities; so while it’s nice to have them, it’s even better when you can save some money on them! Each year I make my wish list of what I’d like to have and then wait until the day after Christmas when all of the seasonal goes on sale.

Shopping on the day after Christmas is very similar to shopping on Black Friday – retailers dramatically slash prices on all of their seasonal merchandise and loads shoppers go out to reap the benefits and save a couple bucks. As if doing several laps in the parking lot to find a place to park isn’t bad enough, it usually only gets worse once you go inside. The stores are bustling with people: people waiting in a very long line to pay for their purchases and people carrying seven rolls of 70% off wrapping paper, 3 big bags and a basket full of stuff that you are bound to bump in to. Random hands digging through baskets of delicate ornaments and sifting through tangled strings of garland with strangers is not uncommon while shoppers stock up on stocking stuffers for the next year. I don’t do Black Friday shopping…but I think this comes very close. Whenever my patience is put to the test I remind myself that it’s only one day. Since I don’t shop on the busiest shopping day of the year… I brace myself for what I believe is the second busiest shopping day of the year.

And then…when I see a lowly hand-carved manger scene sitting on the shelf or the single driftwood tree standing in the “forest” (display), it makes putting up with the all madness not so bad after all. Check out a couple of the “seasonal steals” I walked away with this year…

Hand-carved Nativity ScenePossibly my most exciting purchase of the day – a hand-carved wooden nativity scene. The little pieces pull out so the display becomes 3-D!

Metal Mushroom BellsMetal Mushroom Bells

I stocked up on Christmas essentials like ornaments and trim for 60-70% off…

Crate & Barrel Colorful Fabric GarlandMore colorful fabric garland from Crate & Barrel

Christmas OrnamentsA mix of new Christmas ornaments for the tree next year

Anthropologie Pom-Pom GarlandIvory pom-pom garland from Anthropologie

Even though it was just after Christmas, I also came across some Harvest decor that was on clearance. I bought these burlap and corn husk pumpkins for $7.00 & 5.00, originally $25.00 & $20.00. That’s 75% off – Score!!!!

Pottery Barn Burlap PumpkinsPumpkins from Pottery Barn

Possibly the best part of post-holiday shopping is going home and packing away all of my new purchases. I store my discounted seasonal merchandise until the next December; then, when I unpack my seasonal décor the following year, it’s like opening up a present. Christmas comes a bit early for me because I usually forget what I bought the year before!

Santa may come down the chimney on Christmas Eve…but the retail elves stick around until the 26th. Do you go shopping on the day after Christmas? What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve bought yourself on sale?  


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