Spray Paint Transformation – Old-Fashion Fridge Frames

I saw these Mini Memories Magnetic Frames on UrbanOutfitters.com and thought they were kind of cute. To quote the description online, they are “the perfect piece for fridge decoration,” well…almost.

Urban Outfitters Mini Memories Magnet Frames

Since the details in the description were a bit vague I added two of the frames to my shopping cart and waited to see what I got when they arrived. (I wasn’t able to choose a specific shape and the only color option was blue). When my package arrived I ended up receiving one white oval frame and one orange rectangular frame (weird that neither were blue?…a little). But it didn’t matter either way because I purchased the picture frames with the intention of painting them gold. The bright colors are vibrant and add a modern touch, but I personally prefer vintage, so I figured these antique-style frames would be more appropriate if they were gold.

I pulled out my can of hammered gold spray paint, an old pillow case and simply sprayed over the plastic finish. It took a couple coats to completely cover the bright orange; but after that, my old-fashioned fridge frames were transformed to their more suitable antique gold.

DIY - Spray Painted Picture Frames

DIY - Spray Painted Picture Frames

DIY - Spray Painted Picture Frames

Again, I always try to think outside the box when I shop. If I see something that’s similar to what I want, I think about what it would take to turn it into exactly what I want; then, if what it takes isn’t too hard, or expensive, I’ll often do it myself. In this instance it was very easy – just a few layers a paint and…whaa-lah!

DIY - Spray Painted Picture Frames

Spray paint is a pretty amazing thing. It can instantly change anything to give it an entirely new effect. Unfortunately for me, it’s often more work to get the can of spray paint then actually do the project itself. In 1995, the city of Chicago enforced a ban on the sale of spray paint within the city limits. City administrators call it their “efforts to curb graffiti vandalism”…I call it my “arts & crafts annoyance.” I have to travel out to the suburbs (which means borrowing a car or having a friend take me) or smuggle it in my suitcase when I fly back from home (and run the risk of it exploding all over my stuff). All that – just for a can of spray paint…annoying at the very least! FYI city officials – there’s still a ton of graffiti turning up all around Chicago, so just overturn the ordinance, so I can do my DIY projects with ease! Thank you.


2 responses to “Spray Paint Transformation – Old-Fashion Fridge Frames

  1. Are these frames open? Just put picture on fridge with frame holding it against the surface? In other words, if I take frame off fridge, the picture will fall off?

    • Thank you for reaching out to me. Yes, that’s correct, these frames are open in the back. They don’t actually “hold on to a photo” independently, but rather allow it to stick to the fridge with the magnets.

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