Saturday Steal: Stocked-Up on Off-Season Summer Stuff

Yesterday after my workout I decided to walk a couple blocks and stop at the Urban Outfitters Surplus store on Fullerton to see what I could find…and what I did was well worth the trip! I must have had summertime on my mind because I’ll have to wait until then to wear what I bought; but when you can stock-up on off-season stuff for a fraction of the price you just can’t pass it up! Check out what I got…and even more surprising – see how much I spent!!!

Urban Outfitters Floral Print Romper

I don’t typically wear bright colors, but I love how the hues pop against the black background of this jumper. The fun floral print, flirty silhouette and vibrant colors have me wishing it were summer so I can wear this playful piece! Originally $69.00, marked down to $9.99.

Urban Outfitters Red Silky CrissCross Romper

It’s almost like the intricate strappy neckline extends from the bold crisscross pattern that covers the one-piece. And the lightweight, flowy fabric makes this perfect for those hot, humid days.  Originally $59.00, marked down to $9.99.

Urban Outfitters Salmon Scalloped-Edge Onesie

Scalloped edges add a subtle touch to this simple salmon-colored romper. With such a basic silhouette, I can pile on a bunch of necklaces or add a belt – the options are endless! Originally $59.00, marked down to $9.99.

Urban Outfitters Fuschia Fanny Pack

This fuchsia fanny pack is the perfect hands-free carry-all for all the music festivals I intend on attending again this summer. Having to hold onto a bag while trying to work your way through a crowd is annoying! This vibrant velvet hip bag will hold my things & keep me worry-free while I spend my summer days under the sun, bouncing between stages surrounded by the sweet sound of music. Originally $29.00, marked down to $9.99.

Urban Outfitters Black Leather Corset Top

This black leather corset top is not something that I would typically buy, but when I saw it I had an idea for an outfit in mind…

Leather Look - Black Corset Top & Fit-n-Flare Skirt

I recently bought a black leather fit-&-flare skirt for work and thought it may make for an interesting ensemble if I wore the black leather corset top under a sheer shirt tucked into my skirt. The leather top peaks out from underneath the see-through shirt and meets the top of the high-waisted skirt – it’s an interesting inside-outside approach to a leather look :/

Leather Look - Black Corset Top & Fit-n-Flare Skirt

Leather Look - Black Corset Top & Fit-n-Flare Skirt

As I said, not my typical attire…but maybe I’ll give it a try – I’ll let you know if I ever end up wearing it :) Originally $34.00, marked down to $14.99.

I was debating on one of the items, but when I got up to the register and realized there was an additional 50% off I added it back to my pile of purchases – when things are 5 bucks who can pass them up?! If I were to buy all of this merchandise at full price I would’ve paid around $250.00; but instead, my total for the five items was only $30.00! Again I say – well worth the trip!


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