Through the Slush & Snow my Sorels Save Me

It’s almost February and it finally snowed here in Chicago! After a record setting 335 consecutive days (about 11 months) of less than one inch of snow, we finally had our first measureable amount of snowfall on Friday. And even though it was just a light dusting, I still pulled out my ‘Joan of Arctic’ Sorel boots that Santa gave me for Christmas!

Free People - Joan of Arch Sorel Boots

Not only are my faux-fur trimmed boots fun & fashionable, but they’re also very functional! There are many benefits to buying a pair of winter boots, here are just a few…

  1. Possibly the most important – they keep you from ruining your nice shoes & boots in the winter sludge. Sure the salt pellets put down on the sidewalk prevent people from falling, but they also leave pesky, unwanted white lines around the bottom of your boots.
  2. They have treaded rubber soles – to give you traction and keep you from falling on slippery ice.
  3. They’re insulated – so your toes will stay nice & toasty when the temperature is cold!
  4. They’re waterproof – so you don’t have to worry about any wetness seeping through to your socks! (Really, is there anything worse than having to stand in soggy socks all day long?! No.)

It doesn’t take much for the fresh, powdery snow to turn into brown, gritty muck! Even though walking around the sloppy city sidewalks doesn’t quite compare to trekking through the Winter Wonderland I did when I was back home for the holidays; I’m glad I’ve got my Sorel’s to get me through the snow…even if it is just an inch!

My Sorels in the Snow & Slush

As I said, the wet concrete doesn’t quite compare to….

Slushy Chicago Sidewalks

Slushy Chicago Sidewalks

the beautiful mounds of snow that reflect the bright sunlight in Minnesota…

Sunshine & Snow in Minnesota

Sunshine & Snow in Minnesota

Sunshine & Snow in Minnesota

Sunshine & Snow in Minnesota

What are the winter weather conditions where you live – sunshine, slush, or snow?


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