DIY: Nomadic Novelty Hangers

I’ve been playing around with some new photography ideas for my blog lately, so this past week I spent my off time making some “props”. I wanted to create ‘nomadic novelty hangers’ to use in bohemian-inspired photo shoots; and doing so was much easier than I expected! Here’s how I did it…

What you Need:

  • A hot glue gun
  • Hangers (I picked up a pack of neutral felted hangers from Container Store)

DIY: Nomadic Novelty Hangers

  • Thin strips of fabric (I used my multi-colored twisted fabric twine from Anthropologie. I’ve had these colorful spools in my arts & crafts kit for two years after snagging them on sale after the holidays. I never really knew what I was going to do with them…until now.)

DIY: Nomadic Novelty Hangers

How to Make Them:

  1. Simply secure the end of a fabric strip to the edge or middle of the hanger with hot glue
  2. Then tightly wrap the fabric around the hanger entirely covering the original coating
  3. Switch up the cloth sections whenever you please – just seal off one strip with hot glue & start another. The color combinations and patterns are completely up to you!
  4. When the original hanger is completely covered with fabric simply secure the end once again with hot glue and there you have it – your new nomadic novelty hanger!!!

DIY: Nomadic Novelty Hangers

DIY: Nomadic Novelty Hangers

DIY: Nomadic Novelty Hangers

DIY: Nomadic Novelty Hangers

DIY: Nomadic Novelty Hangers

DIY: Nomadic Novelty Hangers

DIY: Nomadic Novelty Hangers

They’re bold, beautiful & bohemian!

Now….I love the look of my new statement hangers, but I wouldn’t necessarily use them in my closet on an everyday basis. While they’re very vibrant & eye-catching on their own, they may be a bit much when mixed in with the colors & patterns that already exist within your wardrobe. If have a colorful closet like mine you probably already have a hard time focusing on each individual piece; adding another bold element only adds to the confusion of picking out what you’re going to wear.

You also wouldn’t want to run the risk of the colors on the hangers bleeding into your clothing – I don’t think they would, but if you ever hang your clothes up while they’re still wet, or for a prolonged period of time, it could be a possibility. And again, if you’re like me, you don’t take chances when it comes to your clothing.

Another thing to think about is space. After wrapping the original hangers in twine they became twice their size. If you’re trying to conserve space like I always am, you definitely want to go with something thinner!

And then there are the obvious reasons – that it would take a lot of time and could get quite expensive to create a whole closet full of specialty hangers. I suppose if you used the hangers you already have and created your own strips of recycled fabric it wouldn’t be too costly; but it takes time looping the fabric around-and-around-and-around. It was fun at first…but by the tenth one, the task was getting a bit tedious. I couldn’t imagine how long it would take to cover all of the hangers in my closet! Could you?!

My Closet

DIY: Nomadic Novelty Hangers

Even though I don’t think they’re ideal inside your regular clothing closet, I do think they’d work well in a coat closet or at the office. The original felt hangers were thin & flimsy, but when I wrapped them in the twine they got much more sturdy – perfect for those heavy, over-sized winter coats. And at the office, each employee could make their own personalized hanger for their stuff. It could be an easy arts & crafts project that not only builds the team moral, but brightens up the break room too!

DIY: Nomadic Novelty Hangers

What do you think of my new novelty hangers? Is making your own personal hangers something you would spend your time on…or are the basic ones you buy in the store adequate enough for you?


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