Accenting My Home with Accessories

I have an eclectic mix of accessories that, lets just say, aren’t exactly made for “everyday”; but just because I can’t wear them all the time, doesn’t mean that I don’t still want to admire them! Instead of packing away my statement stuff, I decided to merchandise it among the other décor on my shelves. Check out how I accessorized my home with what usually adorns my hands…

Statement Shoes Mosaic Home Decor (1)

Statement Shoes Mosaic Home Decor (2)

Let’s be honest, my Jeffrey Campbell Lita booties aren’t exactly Monday-Friday footwear. The 5 inch platform patchwork booties are a bit much for the office…but come the weekend – I’m all for rockin’ em on a night out on-the-town! And when I’m not wearing them, I like to think of them like a mosaic ceramic vase – a unique work of art that’s thoughtfully pieced together to be appreciated. On the shelf, my statement shoes are the focal point that brings together the photo frames & finishes that surround them.

My Accessanctuary (1)

My Accessanctuary (2)

The amazing artwork my friend made creates the background and sets the color scheme for my “Accessanctuary” – the place I pay homage to all that adorns my hands. A hot pink glass tray & olive green velvet jewelry box act as alters that display my array of accessories. With a skeleton on praying on bended knee behind, I fill my knuckles with the striking sterling, luxe leather, sparkling diamonds & pretty pebble baubles. And of course, an “Accessanctuary” wouldn’t be complete without the aroma of burning incense.

My accessories aren’t the only things that are overflowing! My bookshelf is filled to the brim with fashion resource books, so I’ve started using some of the publications as added accents to theme my merchandising around.

Gypset Style Home Decor (1)

Gypset Style Home Decor (2)

I couldn’t imagine carrying my multicolored chevron clutch on a regular basis – I usually leave my house with a huge hobo and another bag as well! There’s just no way I could fit everything I need during a typical day in this tiny little carrier; but together with a globe, my bold brass jewelry, a random rock my mom mailed me (yes, she shipped a rock she found :)), a tribal tile picture frame hand-carved out of bone by artisans in India – the title of the book says it all. Gypset – an approach to life that fuses the wild and unconventional ethos of a gypsy with the sophistication and speed of the jet set.

Savage Beauty Home Decor

Atop the book, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, a vintage tin tray builds the base that holds my everyday outfit add-ons. Generally speaking I wear the same set of rings & bracelets every single day (with the exception of swapping here & there). After getting ready for the day, I head over to my tray and add-on the finishing touches to my ensemble. With nature & Native American accents, my peaceful presentation is artful and appropriate for my pretty little things.

My Closet (1)

My closet…….Ohhhh my closet!!! It is way beyond it’s capacity! My clothes have spilled over onto not 1, but 2 rolling racks that permanently reside along the wall. I have no choice but to have my colorful dresses and patterned tops on display.

My studio apartment has basically turned into a walk-in closet – but I wouldn’t want it any other way :)


2 responses to “Accenting My Home with Accessories

  1. Haha, I love how your closet is more important. That’s the same with me :) Lovely pics & tips on how to use eclectic pieces as decor, going to try it too.
    Love the blog! Do come & check out mine too, xoxo.

  2. I am jealous of your closet, wish I had one that size! You have some amazing possessions, I like your merchandising skills.

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