I Survived St. Patrick’s Day…but I’m Sick of Seeing Green!

Following my 7-hour shift on Friday night, I stayed after until 1 a.m. preparing ‘chug mug’ giveaways for the next day’s festivities. Then I was back at work again at 7 a.m. for our annual ‘Wake & Shake’ celebration!

Public House Chicago Wake & Shake

A mob of people dressed in green waited eagerly in the cold yesterday, ready to get inside and get wasted on green beer, whiskey shots & whatever else. I don’t think I’ve ever really celebrated St. Patrick’s Day myself; for one, I’m not Irish, two, the idea of getting bombed by 11am just to go home & pass out does not sound appealing to me, and three, I have a general dislike for the true green color that is associated with the holiday. I don’t mind any other shade of green – mint green, hunter green, olive green, neon green, emerald, even sea foam green; but the shade of shamrock green…not so much.

I will, however, work on St. Pat’s Day – it makes for some pretty good people watching and I can’t help but love seeing the creative costumes people come up with to show-off their spirit. It was kind of amusing observing the length people went to to achieved their head-to-toe green garb. From the feather boas to the beads, top hats to tutus, everyone got festive with their fashion! Even if it was mismatched, it’s like people made every effort to wear every piece of green clothing in their closet…even bath robes. (p.s. oh, how I love what gets captured in candid snapshots :)

St. Patrick's Day Wake & Shake - Public House

St. Patrick's Day Wake & Shake - Public House

St. Patrick's Day Wake & Shake - Public House

St. Patrick's Day Wake & Shake - Public House


I wore a promotional shirt and since I was going to be standing for 16 hours straight, went with my choice in most-comfortable shoes – Sperry’s! I’m sort of surprised (but very grateful) that they weren’t ruined, given all the green beer that was spilled on the floor.

St. Patrick's Day Wake & Shake - Public House

From house music to oldies-but-goodies, the DJ hammered out fist-pumping beats all day long. The blasting music was only put on pause once…long enough for bagpipers to make their way through the crowd bellowing out Celtic sounds.

St. Patrick's Day Wake & Shake - Public House

St. Patrick's Day Wake & Shake - Public House

I’m not sure how they did it with those big instruments; I could barely get through the sea of people to get myself a glass of water! By mid-afternoon the bar looked more like a battle field – with people flailing their arms & convulsing and calling it dancing and stumbling through the invisible obstacle course that only existed in their obstructed mind. :/  As if an open bar from 8am–noon wasn’t enough, we also had a little leprechaun stop in to pour Jameson shots down people’s throats from on top the bar.

St. Patrick's Day Wake & Shake - Public House

St. Patrick's Day Wake & Shake - Public House

All in all, it was a pretty good day! Despite logging a lot of hours on very little sleep, I spent the day working with friends and having fun while watching the drunken demise of society. With one broken window, only a few small scuffles and no puke puddles inside Public House – I’d say it was a successful St. Pat’s! :)

After being surrounded by the color green all day and all night it’s an understatement to say I’d had enough of the hue! Today, when I went outside on a walk someone ran passed me in a green puffy vest and I almost gagged. (ok, a bit of an exaggeration) But seriously, the only green I want to see going forward, is the cash in my pocket from all the money I made working!

How did you spend St. Patrick’s Day? Were you one of the ones dressed in all green?  If so, share what you decided to wear!…


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