Spring is Here…but it’s Still Sweater Weather

Well, today is officially the 1st day of spring…but it sure doesn’t seem like it! The average temperature in Chicago on this day is right around 45°, last year it reached an unseasonable 85°, and the forecasted high for today – a whopping 25°!

Mother Nature sure can’t make up her mind! When all we can think about is sleeveless shirts & miniskirts, we’re still stuck wearing sweaters. But, during this transitional time in the season, I think I’ve found a solution…a hand-knit halter-top!

Anthropologie Lucia Delphinium Shawl Sweater

This chunky shawl-wrap sweater buttons in the front and in the back. Designer Janis Stemmermann applied her past work as a printmaker to create the colorful unique digital motif on the taupe top. I’ve had my eye on this thick knit from Anthropologie all winter long; but with a price tag of $248.00 my bank account just wouldn’t budge. That is…until now! I came across this one-and-only sweater while closing down the sale section on Monday night for a mere $19.95! What?!

How this piece got marked down to a price that low without being bought is way beyond me! But for my sake, I’m glad no one else swept up this winter-weather wonder! Since it was too late to make a purchase by the time I found it, you best believe I was back at the store bright & early when doors opened the next day – I couldn’t risk anyone else getting their hands on it. And while I was there, I snagged a pair of stretchy coral cords on sale as well. (Originally $88.00, I bought for $19.95) Personally, I think my purchases paired together make a pretty good outfit…

Anthropologie Shawl Sweater & Coral Cords

Anthropologie Shawl Sweater & Coral Cords

What do you think?

Clearly no one else saw the value in this versatile top like I did! I’ll follow up with my other ideas for this innovative piece in another post…


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