Random Stop at a Vintage Shop Turned into a Shopping Spree!

I was walking home from the gym on Wednesday and when I passed by one of my favorite vintage shops I noticed signs on the windows indicating that they’re going out of business at the end of the month. This caught me by surprise, so I went inside to talk to the store owner and see what I could find while I was there. In an effort to get rid of inventory, everything in the secondhand store was an additional 50% off. Here’s a look at the treasures I found…and a little narrative to go along with it…

I was very happy to see the intricate owl embroidered wall hang that I was debating on was still up on the wall; so what was once a questionable buy at $48.00 was now a definite must at $24.00!

Vintage Owl Embroidery

Vintage Owl Embroidery

Since this was a spur of the moment stop and I already had my clunky yoga mat, I initially thought I could manage with just the large framed hang, but then I found 2 more mounted embroideries. I really only wanted the canvases, so I deconstructed the frames they were in and left them behind – there was no way I could carry 3 big frames & my bulky belongings.

Vintage Owls on Birch Embroidery

IMAG3840Owls perched on a birch branch – a unique mix of latch-hook & needle-stitch

A Field of Flowers Embroidery

A Field of Flowers Embroidery Close-UpA field of flowers flourishing embroidery

A pair of silk scarves…

Silk Scarves

And why not throw in a couple old pillow cases that were only $1.50 each and two large fabric panels while I’m at it…

Vintage Pillow Cases

Vintage Fabric Textiles

I thought that would complete my little shopping spree, but then I went downstairs and hit the jackpot!

Clothing Optional Vintage Shop

Underneath two tables covered with stuff I spotted a beautiful brown & gold patterned area rug. I instantly fell in love with the tonal color scheme and varying woven design! Since everything had to go, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask if it was up for grabs as well; and much to my surprise – it was!

My first thought was – oh my God, I have to have this!!! And my second thought was – how on earth am I going to get this home???

Vintage Rug

Gold Patterned Area Rug

For only $100 bucks, I bought the huge carpet rug! Sure there’re slight signs of wear-&-tear and some of the braided fringe trim is frayed, (it’s a rug for heaven sake – people have been walking all over it for who knows how long), regardless, I think this old piece is well worth the price I paid! But now there was no way home I was getting home with all my stuff!

I had a 10×13 sq. ft. area rug + a 20×24 in. framed piece + 2 more embroideries + a bulky yoga mat + 2 silk scarves + 3 pillow cases + 2 textile panels / half the price = I got a lot of cool stuff!…and I was stuck!

I called up a friend who lives in the area to see if he could rescue me from my vintage shopping spree. He obliged, then sure enough, while waiting to be picked up, I spotted a vintage Singer sewing machine in the corner of my eye…


Since I was already getting a ride I figured why not seize the opportunity and add that into the bunch as well :) And for another $30, I added the antique to my pile of purchases.

Thankfully my friend showed up right after that or who knows what else I would’ve walked out with!

Have you ever been stranded after a shopping spree because you bought too much?


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