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Crazy About Corduroy!

Hounds-tooth, herringbone, and tweed are some of the typical textures for fall & winter; but my personal favorite when it comes to seasonal fabrics is corduroy. It’s often soft to the touch and the distinctive ribbed texture adds an extra element to any ensemble. I’ve stocked up on cords the last two seasons in order to have options when I want to wear my preferred winter woven, here’s a look at some of the outfits I styled while incorporating my cord collection…

Anthropologie Charcoal Cord Leggings

I bought these charcoal cord leggings from Anthropologie last fall and absolutely loved them! The stretchy material is so comfy that it pretty much feels like you’re not wearing any pants. Now, surely that’s not really the case, but the super-soft fabric definitely sticks to body to show off all your curves!

Anthropologie Coral Cords

Like I said, I wore my pair from last year so much that I bought the same stretchy cords again this year in another color! By the time I actually got around to purchasing my second pair they already went on sale, so I got these coral cords for only $19.95! (originally $88.00)

Anthropologie Gold High-Waisted, Wide-Leg Cords

The wide-leg shape was a popular silhouette for pants last season, so I bought these gold high-waisted, extreme-flare corduroy slacks from Anthropologie to stay in style. I didn’t wear them much this winter because silhouettes for trousers trended more toward skinny-leg, but I’m sure the extreme-flare style will come back around someday…I just hope I’m still the same size when that time comes. :)

Free People Bright Blue Cords

I picked up this pair of bright blue cords from Free People a couple months ago….again, on sale… again, only $19.95. (originally $128.00) The pants coordinate perfectly with a red Free People embroidered-front tunic I have; and coincidentally, they have embroidery along the back as well.

Urban Outfitters Light Brown Cords

You bet I saved the best buy for last! I bought this pair of light brown cords at the Urban Outfitters Surplus Store last week for only $5.95! (originally $58.00)

You can save a lot on seasonal styles like these if you’re willing to wait until later in the season. Sure, the tradeoff is that you have less time to wear them…but when you save as much as I did, does it really matter? Winter will come around again next year… and when it does, you’ll be set!

Do you rush out at the beginning of the season to buy your weather-appropriate wardrobe needs? Or do you wait until the end of the season to stock-up on stuff that’s all on sale?


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Do you remember dressing up in a poufy dress, white tights, shiny shoes & a bonnet to go to church when you were a little girl? I do…

Me at Easter

Do kids still do that these days???

Hope you all had a wonderful day!