My Barbaric Bauble: Skull Fragments & Suede

So, after my post about my purchases at the Modern Vintage Chicago market some of you may have been thinking – what on earth does she want with a raccoon jaw bone? (at least, judging by the puzzled expressions on their faces, that’s the general reaction I got from some of my co-workers when I showed them my latest find) But as soon as I saw all of the raccoon remains I knew right away that I wanted to make necklace out of one!

Raccoon Jaw Bones (1)

I picked my set of perfect partial jaw bones from the bunch (sort of like picking out your favorite puppy from the pound) and brought them home for my DIY fossil fashion project.

Rare Find: Raccoon Jaw Bones

After fumbling around with the skull fragment and a piece of suede for a bit, I ultimately knotted the lower jaw bone into a long necklace.

My Barbaric Bauble: Animal Skull & Suede Necklace

Fossil Fashion: My Raccoon Jaw Bone Necklace

The dental hygiene of my omnivore isn’t too bad; the entire set of choppers on my mandible pendant are still intact – from the tiny incisors in the front & curved canine, to the molars along the back. Sure they could use a brushing, and maybe even floss, but that’s to be expected of the mischievous mammal, often thought of as a pest for getting into the garbage as ‘coons often do.

Fossil Fashion: My Raccoon Mandible Pendent

Fossil Fashion: My Raccoon Jaw Bone Pendent

Fossil Fashion: My Raccoon Skull & Suede Pendent Necklace

Yes, some may think the idea of wearing the remains of a deceased animal around your neck is a bit barbaric (again, gathered from the mixed reviews I received from coworkers when I showed them my latest creation). But…

Unique – yes!

Cool conversation piece? – yes!

A fashionable fossil – yes!

An awesome animal accessory? – I think so!

What do you think of my mandible necklace I made? Would you wear one, or do you think it’s a bit barbaric too?


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