Achieve the Most from your Active Wear by Mixing & Matching

Last week I showed you how I made my own yoga mat sac out of an old alfalfa seed sac and in my post I mentioned it was just in time for yoga to start. (click here to read that blog!)

Curated & Carried - Yoga Mat Seed Sac

Well, awhile back I bought a Groupon for one month of unlimited yoga classes at Core Power Yoga for $59.00 (a $175 value). Not only was I super excited to start this new fitness regimen (something different from my typical cardio & weights gym sessions), but it also meant I got to go shopping for a new workout wardrobe!

I usually wear an American Apparel deep-V cotton tee and yoga pants when I work out, but with the thermostat set at 105° in the yoga studio, that’s a bit too much fabric. I’ve done yoga a few times in the past, enough to know loose clothing is a no-no (try doing downward dog in a drapey top and tell me how it goes); but I’ve never done hot yoga before. I can only imagine that when you crank the temperature up a notch – less is more when it comes to clothing.

In an effort to help me not look like the amateur I am, I went out and bought a few fun new tank tops & legging to practice my poses in.  I didn’t want to invest too much into new active wear (after all, it is only a month), so I bought some coordinating pieces that can easily be mixed & matched in order to make the most of what I have. Check out the stylish stuff I have to choose from to wear to the studio…

I’ve had these two tank top & hot short sets from PH8 tucked away in my dresser draw for quite a while.

PH8 Active Wear Outfits

**Side note: When I say ‘quite a while’ I actually mean years! I must’ve have bought these pieces back in 2010, when PH8 still existed. PH8 (pronounced ‘fate’) was Bebe’s short-lived attempt at active wear. The company replaced its Bebe Sport brand with their new retail concept – PH8, offering “playfully sexy fashion-forward” active street wear at the end of 2009. But less than a year after launching the new line, PH8’s fate was doomed – the division was discontinued and doors were closed.

Since I already had these pieces, I went out and bought a couple separates within the same color schemes so I could create different combinations for each class. I picked up a bright salmon tank top with white & gray side stripes and a pair of charcoal grey leggings from Forever 21 (I told you I wasn’t going to invest much!) that can either be worn together, or mixed with the PH8 pieces.

Yoga Outfit: Pink Striped Tank & Grey Leggings

Mix & Match Combo - Pink & Grey Yoga Sets

A plain white Champion tank I had on hand can also be paired with the PH8 short shorts which have a thin white stripe along the side.

Stylish Yoga Sets: White Tank & Grey Shorts

The bright turquoise blue tank top pulls the vibrant hue from the mosaic print shorts when worn together; but when put with a robin’s egg blue top from Forever 21 – it’s that hue that pops! And the florescent yellow trim on the tank coordinates with the colorful shorts as well.

Mix & Match Combo - Mosaic Motif Shorts Yoga Outfits

Again, my basic white tank also goes with the bold bottoms.

Stylish Yoga Sets: White Tank & Mosaic Motif Shorts

Now I have lots of options when it comes to what I want to wear to yoga! And even though my stylish new spandex sets might not make me look like a beginner…I’m pretty sure my wobbly knees while in ‘Warrior 3’ give me away :) Oh, well! I’ve got a month to perfect my posture.

Mix & Match Combo with Mosaic Shorts

Mix & Match Yoga Combo - Grey Base



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