All About Embroidery in These Ensembles!

There are many elements of embroidery throughout these two ensembles!

Embroidery EnsemblesCrewelwork specifically! Crewel embroidery is a decorative form of surface embroidery that gives a raised appearance to the finished piece. Thought to have originated from the earliest Welsh spinners, the technique dates back over a thousand years; and while designs have developed over time, the general stitches have stayed the same. The free-style form has long been used on clothing, pillow cases, dish cloths, furniture and framed wall-decor.  I learned a lot about this art form and how to accurately apply the stitches to my own work from the book, Mastering the Art of Embroidery.

Mastering the Art of Embroidery

Now…on to the outfits…

Outfit #11:

Here I simply paired my All-Saints Spitalfields ivory embroidered top with my bronze embroidered pants from Free People.

All-Saints Embroidered Top & Free People Embroidered Pants

The casual cotton top showcases the ‘French Knot Stitch’. This particular stitch consists of small round knots that create tiny bubbles on the surface of the fabric; in this instance, the bubbles align to spell out the phrase, “The one whose hand I’m holding is the one who holds my heart.”

All-Saints Spitalfields Hand-Embroidered Knots Tee

The stem stitch, trellis work, and long & short stitches were combined to create the ornate design along the front of the vegan leather bottoms.

  Ornate Embroidery Embellishment on Bronze Vegan Leather

Ornate Embroidery Embellishment

Intricate Embroidery on Vegan Leather

For footwear I chose my gold beaded sandals from Anthropologie; the golden hue goes with the gold-threaded embroidery on the leg, while the tiny seed beads mimic the small stitches in the top.

Embroidered Top & Bottoms with Beaded Shoes

Outfit #12:

In this outfit, I paired a different ivory embroidered top, this one from Anthropologie, with the bronze bottoms underneath my hand-made crochet cover-up.

Anthropologie Floral-Embroidered Top & Free People Pants

Floral-Embroidered Top, Bronze Bottoms & Chevron Crochet Cover-Up

The different weights and tonal variations of the threads that make up the floral motif add depth & texture to the detailed design. I layered the multi-colored, Missoni-inspired wrap sweater my mom made me on top for those transitional times when it’s nice to have something to cover up with. The chevron crochet cover-up is a copycat of an old afghan I found at home – in a wearable size! Just like the blanket keeps me cozy when I’m on the couch…my mini version does when I’m out-and-about!

Do you have embroidery embellishments on any clothing you own? How about anything hanging in your home?


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