Randolph Street Market ReCap…

See…I promised I’d promptly follow-up my last post with a recap of my trip to the Randolph Street Market. I’ve resisted the urge to go up to my pool during this current heat wave in an effort to remain productive…but now that this post is done, it’s time for me to catch some sun!  Here’s my recap from Randolph Street Market last month…

I hopped on the complementary trolley on Michigan Avenue to get to-and-from the market; sadly, it only runs during the summer months, but it makes getting over to Plumbers Hall in the West Loop much easier. The rest of the year – I  ride the bus, then transfer to the train, then walk a couple blocks. I’ve got the route down now…but my first couple trips left me wandering around wondering where to go in the middle of winter! (I think my one & only complaint would be the lack of signage around the area. My poor sense of direction combined with the cobweb intersections have left me lost on several occasions!)

Trolly to the Market

One of my favorite outdoor vendors from last year, Woman Shops World, showcased this magical unicorn tapestry within her space, among an array of other beautiful textiles, trim & beads. When we were catching up she filled me in on her upcoming new business venture and I can’t wait to share it with you once it launches!

Colorful Unicorn Tapestry - Copy

I also stopped by another one of my favorite designers from last summer, Theresa Wangia, to see what beautiful new leather & stone creations she added to her collection, Beltshazzar Jewels, since the last time I saw her.

Beltshazzar Jewels Leather & Stone Accessories

Beltshazzar Jewels Leather & Stone Accessories

Beltshazzar Jewels Leather & Stone Accessories

I think these African artifacts are absolutely amazing! The attention-to-detail that must have gone into these meticulous wood carvings and beautifully beaded objects is just astounding. Each tiny seed bead is strung in a sequence to create these colorful creations – just try to imagine the amount of time it must have took to string each little piece into place…and the fact that these items have held up against the test of time – again, it’s amazing! The intricate works of art inspired me to buy some trade beads and make something myself! (however, not nearly as complex as the originals) There were so many to choose from – between brass and bone, paper or stone, big or small, cylindrical tubes  or perforated balls…

African Carvings

African Beaded Artifacts (10)

African Beaded Artifacts (12)

African Beaded Artifacts (11)

African Trade Beads

African Trade Beads (2)

Got a Green Thumb? Living in the city doesn’t give you much of an opportunity to grow a garden; but that recently changed thanks to the terrarium trend! This vendor was selling a surplus of succulents to choose from.

Succulent Plants (2)

Succulent Plants (3)

Succulent Plants (1)

There’s always a ton of things to go in your home…

Vintage Chandaliers (1)Add a touch of vintage elegance  with one of these crystal chandeliers

Reclaimed Ribbon Lamp ShadeI thought this re-purposed ribbon lamp shade was a definite winner!

Chain-link coffee tableThis unique chain link coffee table is the perfect center (and conversation) piece

These super cool clutches & cross-body bags were my favorite find at the market this time! They’re made by a designer in Marrakesh out of recycled inner tubes! These one-of-a-kind avant-garde accessories are edgy, innovative, and completely unique. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to walk down the street carrying one of these cool creations!

Intertube Clutches & Crossbody bags (1)

Intertube Clutches & Crossbody bags (2)

And then of course, there is  always the completely random & incredibly odd items that make you wonder, ‘why would someone save that,’ and even more puzzling, ‘who would want to buy that’…

Bronze Boots These bronze metal boots weren’t made for walkin’ :/

A Lifesize Nativity KingChristmas could come early with this Nativity King

An Anatomy ManNeed to freshen up on your anatomy? The inside-out guy could help!

Old Doll PartsPurchase only the parts…

SkeletonOr the whole skeletal thing!

Animal Mounts (3)Humans remains not your thing? Then how about a new stuffed animal

Creepy 3-D AliensWould you want to come home to these creepy 3-D aliens coming out of your wall?

Gandolf the Wizard carved in WoodWhat about Gandulf the Wizard carved from wood?

 As always, I had so much fun at the market! With over 300 vendors, a variety of food to choose from, and all-day acoustic entertainment – I’d say this is a decent way to spend a summer day!

Randolph Street Market (1)

Live Music at the Vintage Market

Only two more weeks and it’s time to go again :)


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