My Wednesday of Wandering

Wednesday’s are my favorite day of the week. I typically work during the day and have the evening free to do what I please. During the summer months that usually means I lace-up my sneakers around sundown and go for a run along the lake to see the fireworks near Navy Pier. But yesterday, I added another fun fitness activity to my night – I had my first hula-hoop dance class in the park! I joined a few other females near the Agora sculptures in Grant Park to learn the fundamentals of hoop dancing.


With the hot sun overhead, slight (and I mean slight!) breeze on our backs, and grass between our toes we moved our hips & our hoops to the beat of the music. Things got a little out-of-control a couple times when we were trying to change planes and master the new tricks, but all-in-all, I had so much fun with this carefree activity!

Hooping in the Park (2)


After hoop dance was done I strolled along the lake shore to find a spot to sit and watch my weekly fireworks. When the fireworks were over I strolled some more – through Lurie Gardens, into Millennium Park, and around downtown. I walked aimlessly through the streets admiring the big buildings, pretty lights, and sounds of the city (yes, surprisingly even sirens are soothing sometimes!). I observed the people around me dipping their feet in the fountain, enjoying a picnic in the park while on a date, and finding their reflection in ‘Cloud Gate’…

Strolling Along the Shore


City Lights


Lurie Garden, Chicago

Cloud Gate, Chicago

I had such a lovely night being an urban nomad, walking around just me & my hula-hoop, relaxing, reflecting, and recharging for the rest of the week.

It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life & lose sight of your surroundings.

Do you ever stop, take a step back, and admire all that’s around you?

Whether it be having a Starbucks on every corner or being able to see the stars shine in the black night sky, sirens blaring or birds chirping – always remember to appreciate all that you have.


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