Saturday Morning Must-Do: Division Street Farmers Market

Every Saturday morning during the summertime they close down a couple blocks of Division Street and set up a Farmers Market. Conveniently located right across the street from my house, every weekend I can walk down the block and stock up on fresh flowers, organic produce, and home-made bread & honey for the week ahead like many other Chicagoans do (well…minus the fruits & veggies for me :). Here’s an overview of the market from my roof top.

Division Street Farmers Market

From specialty-strains of cabbage to many kinds of mushrooms, crates of sweet corn to mounds of watermelons, farmers from the suburbs & surrounding states gather up their crop and cash-in by selling it to city-folk. Grass-feed meat cuts, Wisconsin cheese curds, cherries, berries, cucumbers, asparagus the size of your arm, peaches and radishes. Fresh herbs and bundles, upon bundles, of beautiful blooms. The Division Street Farmers Market, as well as the many others located throughout the city, supports small family farms, promotes a healthier society, and shows appreciation for local, fresh, sustainably-raised produce & products. Here are some pics from my trip this morning…

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn (1)

Mound of Watermelons

Many Kinds of Mushrooms

Home-made Jam

Fresh-Baked Bread (2)

Fresh Produce (7)

Fresh Produce (6)

Fresh Produce (3)

Fresh Produce (5)

Fresh Produce (2)

BerriesFresh Herbs

Clusters of Colorful Flowers (4)

Clusters of Colorful Flowers (3)

Clusters of Colorful Flowers (1)


Cheese Please


A cluster of colorful flowers to brighten up my place won’t break the bank at only $2.00 a bundle!

Beautiful Blooms

Where do you go to get your fresh fruits & vegetables? Do you grow them yourself, hit up a roadside stand, or rely on the grocery store?



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