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Holla fo’ Lolla!!!

I wanted to go to Lollapalooza so bad after seeing the line-up; but 3-day passes sold out quick and I wasn’t about to drop up to $250 on a single day ticket from some stranger on Craigslist. So, I left going to the music festival up to fate, and what do you know…I made it to 2 of the 3 days – for free!

lollapalooza lineup

On Friday night I went with a co-worker with VIP passes from our boss. After finally finding the entrance (I swear we walked around the entire outside perimeter before we came across a gate we could go through) we made it in time for Flux Pavilion. Then we headed to the ‘Lolla Lounge’ for some free drinks (beats spending $8 bucks on a can of Bud Light) and watched the beginning of The Killers from the sky deck overlooking the grounds. After a bit, we headed back to the first stage to see Steve Aoki finish off the first night.

Flux Pavilion - Lolla (4)

Flux Pavilion - Lolla (3)

Flux Pavilion - Lolla (2)

Flux Pavilion - Lolla (1)   Lollapalooza Overview (1)

Lollapalooza & CityScape

me at killers

Lollapalooza Overview (3)

Steve Aoki - Lolla (1)

Steve Aoki - Lolla (2)

On Sunday I snagged a couple 3-day wristbands from a co-worker whose friends weren’t going that day and met up with some of my friends that were already there. I safety pinned one of the wristbands around my wrist and ended up selling the other one on the street after my friend couldn’t go at the last minute. (So, I guess that means I actually made money on Lolla!) Once I finally found my friends among the 100,000 other attendees expected to be there that day (which was a nightmare with such a large layout & patchy cell phone service). We started out as a group of 10 but by the end of the night, dwindled down to just 3. It’s inevitable that some people are going to get lost along the way – between the bathroom breaks (which take for-ev-ver!), people wanting to see different sets, and somebody getting separated in the crowd while snaking our way to the front. We floated between the 8 stages spread throughout Grant Park (which was much easier to navigate the 2nd time around) and saw Alt-J, Vampire Weekend, Major Lazer, The Cure and Knife Party.

Lolla Group   Lollapalooza Friends

Alt-J - Lolla

Vampire Weekend - Lolla

Lolla Overview - Sunday (1)

Knife Party

The Cure - Lolla

knife party (1)

Then, following Lolla, we continued the festivities and went to the Mid to see Diplo DJ.


It was a long day…and long night, but all-in-all I had a lotta fun at Lolla! In terms of music festivals Lollapalooza is a little too large and too commercialized for my personal preferences, but I think it’s definitely something everyone should experience at some point in their life.

So what were my fashion choices for this festival? Well…

All-Saints Twisted Fringe Top & Cut-Offs On Friday night I wore my twisted fringe cotton top from All Saints Spitalfields and a pair of cut-offs.

IMG_3304On Sunday I wore my “friendly face” cotton tank from Urban Outfitters, denim cut-offs, and a fuchsia velvet fanny pack.

Purple SneaksOh, and of course, my purple sneakers :)

I guess you could say I looked like the quintessential festival-goer in these two outfits. I certainly felt some stares coming from people sitting on the patios of Gibson’s and Tavern on Rush while walking through my neighborhood. My mix of fringe, fuzzy fanny-pack, and purple sneakers undoubtedly stuck out from their regular civilian clothing…but once I got to Grant Park, I fit right in!

So far I’m 4-for-4 when it comes to music festivals this summer (Spring Awakening, Wavefront, Pitchfork, & Lollapalooza); with North Coast Music Festival coming up this weekend I almost have to buy a ticket to go so I can complete my 5-for-5 clean sweep of summer festivals. Even though I’m not entirely impressed with the line-up this year, it is ‘summers last stand’ for outdoor music festivals…so I suppose I’ll go.

North Coast Music Festival 2013 Lineup

Who’s up for a little Wu-Tang Clan this weekend!? Ehh, why not! :)


Second Full Moon Fire Jam was a Special One!

Tuesday night I went to my 2nd Full Moon Fire Jam and it was a special one! Not only was it special because it was a rare Blue Moon, but it was also special because a got to share it with a couple of my friends! Once my friends found out how much fun I had at my first full moon jam they wanted to join me for the next one. So with my beach blanket & hula hoops in hand, we headed up to Foster Beach at sunset for a beautiful night of fresh air, fire spinning, and having fun with friends.

I receive moon updates on a monthly basis and found the most recent message to be quite compelling; so I figured I’d share a short excerpt from the astrological notes with you, written by Patricia Liles…

“Once in a ‘Blue Moon’ we have four full moons in a season instead of three, and that’s what we have this month with our second Full Moon in Aquarius. The Leo-Aquarius axis allows us to align to our own true heart and from there dream the future. Recognizing our personal vision that lies within our sacred heart space and then carrying it into our community, our tribe, fueling our expression with all the heat and passion that the Leo Sun is able to provide is the opportunity with this Full Moon. Loving our selves so radically that we know beyond a doubt that we are magnificent creations of the Divine (Leo) is what will allow us to create that Divine presence here in this reality. Only through that faith and trust will we shift our planet from fear, dominance, and scarcity into a culture of connection, support and abundance.”

To read the full menu, click here.

Full Moon Jam (12)

Full Moon Jam (11)

Full Moon Jam (8)

Full Moon Jam (9)

Full Moon Jam (7)

Full Moon Fire Jam (5)

Full Moon Fire Jam (1)

Full Moon Jam (10)

I had so much fun sharing my Full Moon Fire Jam experience with my friends; goofing off in the grass and hoop-dancing to the beat of the drum while watching the fire burn beneath the glowing full moon. I have a feeling our group will grow again next month; a couple of our coworkers were jealous they couldn’t join us and insisted an invite to the next jam. The way I see it – the more of us under the moon light…the merrier!

Mark your calendars – the next Full Moon: September 19, 2013, the next Blue Moon: not til 2015.

 “Throw open your heart and will to the force of creativity under the mystery of this Full Moon”

Still Talking Fashion After Two Years – All Thanks to You!

Two years ago I began writing this fashion blog which focuses on styling ideas, outfitting inspirations, my fashion finds, ways to get the most wear out of what I own and merchandising around my home (with a couple random topics thrown in the mix as well). I started it as something fun for me to do on the side as a creative outlet to express my personal style & passion for outfitting. It continuously stimulates my styling mind and challenges me to think outside-the-box when it comes to what I wear. It also ensures I stay up-to-date on the current fashion trends & industry happenings and keeps me involved in fun fashion events.

Over time I’ve developed loyal followers, received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, and have surpassed a milestone of 20,000 views! And for that – I wanted to take time to say thank you to all of you!

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read what I write. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about what I write; I always look forward to your feedback and enjoy reading your comments! Thank you for recommending my site to others you know, allowing me to share my styling advice with them. Your return readership constantly encourages me to be committed to continue publishing posts. After two years my blog has evolved into something more than I thought it ever would and is a building block in the design of my life. From Turkey to Thailand, the Netherlands to New Zealand, Slovakia, Bosnia, Latvia, and Serbia – people from all around the world have read what I’ve wrote. I never thought my words would reach that far!

Even when daily life gets to be overwhelming and it seems like there’s not enough time in the day to do everything (let alone put outfits together, take pictures of them, edit the photos, then write about them) it’s rewarding to know I have readers like you that look forward to my fashion insight.

I admit – I haven’t been very good about blogging on a regular basis lately (as you’ve probably noticed). I’ve been up to so much fun stuff this summer that I just haven’t had time for styling! I miss playing dress-up with my mannequin just as much as you miss reading about it, so I promise (again) to take more time and get back on track on talking about fashion.

Again, thank you all for being faithful followers of my blog! I hope I have provided you with useful information on an array of fashion-related topics encouraging you to embrace your personal style & express your own true self through the way you dress. If you haven’t yet, I invite you to ‘like’ my Facebook page and take my short survey (links are along the side bar) so I can get to know a little bit about you & your personal style and what you would like to see more of from me.

And don’t forget – keep those comments coming!