Second Full Moon Fire Jam was a Special One!

Tuesday night I went to my 2nd Full Moon Fire Jam and it was a special one! Not only was it special because it was a rare Blue Moon, but it was also special because a got to share it with a couple of my friends! Once my friends found out how much fun I had at my first full moon jam they wanted to join me for the next one. So with my beach blanket & hula hoops in hand, we headed up to Foster Beach at sunset for a beautiful night of fresh air, fire spinning, and having fun with friends.

I receive moon updates on a monthly basis and found the most recent message to be quite compelling; so I figured I’d share a short excerpt from the astrological notes with you, written by Patricia Liles…

“Once in a ‘Blue Moon’ we have four full moons in a season instead of three, and that’s what we have this month with our second Full Moon in Aquarius. The Leo-Aquarius axis allows us to align to our own true heart and from there dream the future. Recognizing our personal vision that lies within our sacred heart space and then carrying it into our community, our tribe, fueling our expression with all the heat and passion that the Leo Sun is able to provide is the opportunity with this Full Moon. Loving our selves so radically that we know beyond a doubt that we are magnificent creations of the Divine (Leo) is what will allow us to create that Divine presence here in this reality. Only through that faith and trust will we shift our planet from fear, dominance, and scarcity into a culture of connection, support and abundance.”

To read the full menu, click here.

Full Moon Jam (12)

Full Moon Jam (11)

Full Moon Jam (8)

Full Moon Jam (9)

Full Moon Jam (7)

Full Moon Fire Jam (5)

Full Moon Fire Jam (1)

Full Moon Jam (10)

I had so much fun sharing my Full Moon Fire Jam experience with my friends; goofing off in the grass and hoop-dancing to the beat of the drum while watching the fire burn beneath the glowing full moon. I have a feeling our group will grow again next month; a couple of our coworkers were jealous they couldn’t join us and insisted an invite to the next jam. The way I see it – the more of us under the moon light…the merrier!

Mark your calendars – the next Full Moon: September 19, 2013, the next Blue Moon: not til 2015.

 “Throw open your heart and will to the force of creativity under the mystery of this Full Moon”


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