Holla fo’ Lolla!!!

I wanted to go to Lollapalooza so bad after seeing the line-up; but 3-day passes sold out quick and I wasn’t about to drop up to $250 on a single day ticket from some stranger on Craigslist. So, I left going to the music festival up to fate, and what do you know…I made it to 2 of the 3 days – for free!

lollapalooza lineup

On Friday night I went with a co-worker with VIP passes from our boss. After finally finding the entrance (I swear we walked around the entire outside perimeter before we came across a gate we could go through) we made it in time for Flux Pavilion. Then we headed to the ‘Lolla Lounge’ for some free drinks (beats spending $8 bucks on a can of Bud Light) and watched the beginning of The Killers from the sky deck overlooking the grounds. After a bit, we headed back to the first stage to see Steve Aoki finish off the first night.

Flux Pavilion - Lolla (4)

Flux Pavilion - Lolla (3)

Flux Pavilion - Lolla (2)

Flux Pavilion - Lolla (1)   Lollapalooza Overview (1)

Lollapalooza & CityScape

me at killers

Lollapalooza Overview (3)

Steve Aoki - Lolla (1)

Steve Aoki - Lolla (2)

On Sunday I snagged a couple 3-day wristbands from a co-worker whose friends weren’t going that day and met up with some of my friends that were already there. I safety pinned one of the wristbands around my wrist and ended up selling the other one on the street after my friend couldn’t go at the last minute. (So, I guess that means I actually made money on Lolla!) Once I finally found my friends among the 100,000 other attendees expected to be there that day (which was a nightmare with such a large layout & patchy cell phone service). We started out as a group of 10 but by the end of the night, dwindled down to just 3. It’s inevitable that some people are going to get lost along the way – between the bathroom breaks (which take for-ev-ver!), people wanting to see different sets, and somebody getting separated in the crowd while snaking our way to the front. We floated between the 8 stages spread throughout Grant Park (which was much easier to navigate the 2nd time around) and saw Alt-J, Vampire Weekend, Major Lazer, The Cure and Knife Party.

Lolla Group   Lollapalooza Friends

Alt-J - Lolla

Vampire Weekend - Lolla

Lolla Overview - Sunday (1)

Knife Party

The Cure - Lolla

knife party (1)

Then, following Lolla, we continued the festivities and went to the Mid to see Diplo DJ.


It was a long day…and long night, but all-in-all I had a lotta fun at Lolla! In terms of music festivals Lollapalooza is a little too large and too commercialized for my personal preferences, but I think it’s definitely something everyone should experience at some point in their life.

So what were my fashion choices for this festival? Well…

All-Saints Twisted Fringe Top & Cut-Offs On Friday night I wore my twisted fringe cotton top from All Saints Spitalfields and a pair of cut-offs.

IMG_3304On Sunday I wore my “friendly face” cotton tank from Urban Outfitters, denim cut-offs, and a fuchsia velvet fanny pack.

Purple SneaksOh, and of course, my purple sneakers :)

I guess you could say I looked like the quintessential festival-goer in these two outfits. I certainly felt some stares coming from people sitting on the patios of Gibson’s and Tavern on Rush while walking through my neighborhood. My mix of fringe, fuzzy fanny-pack, and purple sneakers undoubtedly stuck out from their regular civilian clothing…but once I got to Grant Park, I fit right in!

So far I’m 4-for-4 when it comes to music festivals this summer (Spring Awakening, Wavefront, Pitchfork, & Lollapalooza); with North Coast Music Festival coming up this weekend I almost have to buy a ticket to go so I can complete my 5-for-5 clean sweep of summer festivals. Even though I’m not entirely impressed with the line-up this year, it is ‘summers last stand’ for outdoor music festivals…so I suppose I’ll go.

North Coast Music Festival 2013 Lineup

Who’s up for a little Wu-Tang Clan this weekend!? Ehh, why not! :)


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