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Clowning Around with Zimmerman’s Spring ’14 Collection

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week wrapped up in New York yesterday. Over the last eight days designers have been debuting their collections for spring 2014 down the runway.  Since I wasn’t there to see the fashion shows myself, I got my fix by flipping through Women’s Wear Daily, reading their runway rundowns, and scrolling through’s almost-instant front-row photo summaries.

Also included in WWD’s daily paper were the ideas & concepts that inspired designers during the creation of their most recent collections. I found myself, first, making note of a designer’s inspiration, then reviewing the runway photos before reading a recap of their collection. I challenged myself to see if I could identify how the designer took their initial inspiration and translated it into cloth creations. Here, you try it…

Australian designer, Nicky Zimmerman, made her first appearance at New York fashion week with her label, Zimmerman.

The Inspiration:

Zimmerman Inspiration SS14 001

The Collection:

Zimmerman SS14 (1) Zimmerman SS14 (2) Zimmerman SS14 (3) Zimmerman SS14 (4) Zimmerman SS14 (5)

The Review:

Entitled “Ringmaster”, Zimmerman’s collection had a circus theme.  Zimmermann interpreted the notion quite literally, with playful pleats, creative cuts, dramatic diamond patterns, billowy silhouettes and bold black-and-white “mascara” print (a play on melting stage makeup) into several looks. Zimmerman’s collection didn’t come across as too costumey and I see how many of the pieces could actually make their way into mainstream every day wear – good, considering most of us don’t typically don clown clothes on a daily basis :)

Were you able to see the ‘circus theme’ throughout this collection? Would you wear any of these clothes? Or do you think they’re better off staying in Bozo’s closet?


Summer Heat Wave Makes for a Really Hot Randolph Street Market!

I had to meet with a client last Saturday morning to do a color consultation which brought me to the West Loop bright & early. I typically only venture over to that part of town when the vintage market is going on, and conveniently, it was last weekend! So after my analysis I walked a couple blocks and spent the rest of my morning rummaging at Randolph Street Market.

Randolph St Market (1)

Unlike last month’s unseasonably cold temperature which had me wearing a sweater in July, this end-of-summer heat wave that we’re having made for a hot & humid day. The extreme heat definitely made an impact on my shopping experience this month! Some vendors put up awnings to provide shade for shoppers; but with not even a slight breeze, it was still sweltering. Everything under the sun – the people, the pavement, and the products was hot – too hot to even touch! Who wants to buy something after it burns you?

Regardless, here are some pics from my trip to Randolph Street Market this month…

Sooo much sterling & tons of turquoise!

Sterling Silver & Turq (1)

Sterling Silver & Turq (5)

Sterling Silver & Turq (2)

Sterling Silver & Turq (6)

Sterling Silver & Turq (3)

Pretend were in Pleasantville and time warp back to the 50’s with these retro kitchen sets…

Retro Kitchen Sets (1)

Retro Kitchen Sets (3)

Retro Kitchen Sets (2)

Retro Kitchen Sets (4)

Retro Kitchen Sets (5)

Retro Kitchen Sets (6)

Retro Kitchen Sets (7)

Want to be a little more subtle with your vintage accents? Pick from these reclaimed door knobs, metal furnishings, stained glass and ceramic tiles taken from torn down homes, schools, and buildings from long ago.

Vintage Door Knobs (2)

Vintage Door Knobs (1)

Stained Glass Windows

Old Ceramic Tiles (2)

Old Ceramic Tiles (1)

Going global…

Globes (2)

Globes (1)

Two weeks til the next full moon jam! I should’ve picked up on of these so I can join the drum circle.


These life-size figurines would make good friends…

Carved Wood Native American Figures (3)

Carved Wood Native American Figures (2)

Carved Wood Native American Figures (1)


Even this guy – he’s so excited…he just can’t hide it!

Skeleton (1)

So what did I walk away with this month?

This ring…


and this ring…


From a distance it looks like etched metal, but if you look close, it recites the Lord’s Prayer.

Lord's Prayer Ring

Would you subject yourself to these types of shopping conditions?

Rain or Shine…Randolph Street Market’s on my Mind!

Precursor: I’ve been so behind on blogs lately I just realized I never got around to publishing my post about last month’s trip to Randolph Street Market – and it already came up again this month! I typically write my posts out on paper before typing them up & pressing the publish button. Even though this is a little late, I didn’t want to take the time to re-write about my trip to July’s market (especially since I have August’s trip to write about as well) so I figured I’d just stick with the original draft. Here it goes…

Every morning I wake up with ‘going to the market’ on my mind I awake with an indescribable amount of energy and excitement. I just know it’s going to be a good day! I mean – who wouldn’t be excited to go on a scavenger hunt and spend the day searching for one-of-a-kind treasures from the past?!

But today’s dreary outlook made it difficult for me to pick out an outfit; with a gray, overcast sky & mid-60° high, today felt more like fall than it did a day in the middle of July.  I decided to go with a monochromatic look similar to what a man was wearing walking on the street a few days earlier.

Monochromatic Outfit

I got a little warm on my walk down to the Watertower Place to hop aboard the free trolley. But then, as we were driving over to the market with the windows wide-open, it was a bit breezy and even started sprinkling. Thankfully the rain stopped by the time we reached our destination and it ultimately cleared up to be a beautiful day. Here’s how I spent it…

I saw this tractor trike right away when I walked in and contemplated buying it all day long.

Tractor Trike

But after thinking of 1) how I was going to get the trike back to my studio apartment, 2) how I was going to get it back to Minnesota, and 3) where (in my studio size apartment) I was going to store this thing in the meantime, I decided to pass it up. It would’ve been the perfect present for my little nephew Peter to ride at Papa’s farm. If only I could’ve driven it home I probably would have…after all, I’ve had my practice with an old Oliver on the open road before :)

Driving the 'ol Oliver

Another neat gift for my nieces & nephew would be this vintage rocking horse

Antique Rocking Horse

…but my mom already has one at home from when I was a kid. She spruced it up with a fresh mane and ears made from an old pair of leather boots. Horsy rides, eh hum, rocks like new!

Mom's Rocking Horse

Too big for a rocking horse? Maybe this life-size mare will better suit you. This harness maker’s display horse, circa 1880 – only $4,500.00.

Horse in Trailor

As much as I love it, after two seasons of wearing my stallion sweater all of my co-workers are sick of seeing me in it; if I wanted, I could buy this one and switch it up…but I won’t. Nothing, I mean nothing will stop me from wearing my favorite stallion sweater!

Stallion Sweaters

This worn-in leather horse head makes for a unique piece of home décor.

Leather Horse Head

Enough horsin’ around…check out these stuffed animals…

Animals & Antlers (1)

Animals & Antlers (2)

Black Bear  Raccoon

Lucky rabbit’s foot? How about a lucky otter’s foot…

Otter's Foot

These vendors were asking $200.00 OBO for their vintage Singer sewing machines.

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine (1)

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine (2)

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine (4)


Best offer…all good thanks! I’ve already got one…and I only paid $30 for mine!


I may have passed on the sewing machine, but I didn’t pass on this stuff…

Home for my HorseYep! The horse head :)

Small African Snake Vertaebraeand small African snake vertebrae.

Random, yes. But I’ve got something planned for them. You’ll see!