Rain or Shine…Randolph Street Market’s on my Mind!

Precursor: I’ve been so behind on blogs lately I just realized I never got around to publishing my post about last month’s trip to Randolph Street Market – and it already came up again this month! I typically write my posts out on paper before typing them up & pressing the publish button. Even though this is a little late, I didn’t want to take the time to re-write about my trip to July’s market (especially since I have August’s trip to write about as well) so I figured I’d just stick with the original draft. Here it goes…

Every morning I wake up with ‘going to the market’ on my mind I awake with an indescribable amount of energy and excitement. I just know it’s going to be a good day! I mean – who wouldn’t be excited to go on a scavenger hunt and spend the day searching for one-of-a-kind treasures from the past?!

But today’s dreary outlook made it difficult for me to pick out an outfit; with a gray, overcast sky & mid-60° high, today felt more like fall than it did a day in the middle of July.  I decided to go with a monochromatic look similar to what a man was wearing walking on the street a few days earlier.

Monochromatic Outfit

I got a little warm on my walk down to the Watertower Place to hop aboard the free trolley. But then, as we were driving over to the market with the windows wide-open, it was a bit breezy and even started sprinkling. Thankfully the rain stopped by the time we reached our destination and it ultimately cleared up to be a beautiful day. Here’s how I spent it…

I saw this tractor trike right away when I walked in and contemplated buying it all day long.

Tractor Trike

But after thinking of 1) how I was going to get the trike back to my studio apartment, 2) how I was going to get it back to Minnesota, and 3) where (in my studio size apartment) I was going to store this thing in the meantime, I decided to pass it up. It would’ve been the perfect present for my little nephew Peter to ride at Papa’s farm. If only I could’ve driven it home I probably would have…after all, I’ve had my practice with an old Oliver on the open road before :)

Driving the 'ol Oliver

Another neat gift for my nieces & nephew would be this vintage rocking horse

Antique Rocking Horse

…but my mom already has one at home from when I was a kid. She spruced it up with a fresh mane and ears made from an old pair of leather boots. Horsy rides, eh hum, rocks like new!

Mom's Rocking Horse

Too big for a rocking horse? Maybe this life-size mare will better suit you. This harness maker’s display horse, circa 1880 – only $4,500.00.

Horse in Trailor

As much as I love it, after two seasons of wearing my stallion sweater all of my co-workers are sick of seeing me in it; if I wanted, I could buy this one and switch it up…but I won’t. Nothing, I mean nothing will stop me from wearing my favorite stallion sweater!

Stallion Sweaters

This worn-in leather horse head makes for a unique piece of home décor.

Leather Horse Head

Enough horsin’ around…check out these stuffed animals…

Animals & Antlers (1)

Animals & Antlers (2)

Black Bear  Raccoon

Lucky rabbit’s foot? How about a lucky otter’s foot…

Otter's Foot

These vendors were asking $200.00 OBO for their vintage Singer sewing machines.

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine (1)

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine (2)

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine (4)


Best offer…all good thanks! I’ve already got one…and I only paid $30 for mine!


I may have passed on the sewing machine, but I didn’t pass on this stuff…

Home for my HorseYep! The horse head :)

Small African Snake Vertaebraeand small African snake vertebrae.

Random, yes. But I’ve got something planned for them. You’ll see!


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