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Old Meets New: Ponchos & Printed Pants

See…this is exactly why I never get rid of my old stuff! These two ponchos have been hanging in my closet since the 7th grade! And after holding onto them for all these years, my old knit cover-ups from the GAP came in handy when styling my new printed cords from Free People.

Ivory Knit Poncho & FP Floral Print Cords (1)

Ivory Knit Poncho & FP Floral Print Cords (2)

Ivory Knit Poncho & FP Floral Print Cords (4)

The ivory poncho balances out these bold floral-print bottoms multiple ways in this outfit. The neutral color of the cover-up coordinates with the colorful cords, while still allowing them to be the focal point of the outfit. The knit’s sleek silhouette is oversized in shape allowing this piece to be comfy & chic, while the skinny leg of the cord bottoms shows that you still have a body underneath all that fabric.

Light Pink Knit Poncho & FP Plaid Pants (1)

Light Pink Knit Poncho & FP Plaid Pants (2)

Light Pink Knit Poncho & FP Plaid Pants (3)

Here, I paired my light pink poncho with my plaid corduroy pants. Even though there is none of the pastel within the pants, because it is a lighter shade of the base color, it still works to wear it with the bottoms…at least I think. :) What do you think?

Fashion acts like a revolving door – eventually everything comes back in style. You just never know,  something you wore years ago could be the next “in” thing tomorrow! Think about it…all of those flannel shirts from the 90’s grunge era, or how about those boho chic styles you wore back in the 70’s when you used to be a hippie? Don’t you wish you still had them to wear now?

Have you ever gotten rid of something that you later regretted? If so, were you able to find a replacement?…and was it as good as the original?

As far as I’m concerned, classic pieces like this can be kept in your closet forever – as long as it doesn’t show signs of damage the wardrobe wear-with-all is welcome whenever!


Turning Over a New Fashion Leaf this Fall!

As the days get shorter & shorter, the temperature continues to cool, and leaves begin to change colors, the sunny days of seem as though they were soooo long ago! Now that we’ve got these first few weeks of fall under our belts, I’m taking time during this transitional time, to refocus on my fashion blog.

I was really bad about blogging this summer for a number of reasons: 1) I spent as much time outside as I could soaking up the sun – summer is so short in Chicago the way it is, so it’s important to enjoy the beautiful weather while you can. Because before you know it, it’s over and we’re reaching for our winter coats once again (much like I did weeks ago!) 2) I was busy working on a couple of other little projects, like my embroidery project (that gets more & more elaborate each time I work on it) and some geode stone jewelry. 3) I had a mental block. I just couldn’t seem to find the right words to say when trying to write about what I wore. And 4) I started a new styling position with a small image consulting firm – now putting me back up to juggling 3 jobs (in turn, leaving me with even less free time); but I really can’t complain – because I’m loving it so far!

But that’s all about to change! Because fall is my favorite season when it comes to fashion! I love styling for this season for many reasons: 1) I love the warm, muted hues & rich, spicy earth tones associated with autumn. 2) I love cuddling up in thick cozy knits and the other soft, heavier-hand fabrics distinctive during this time of year. And 3) I love adding on the additional layers (for styling purposes…not necessarily the need to stay warm!) More clothing means more options to work with – a chance to play around with different patterns, form unique color combinations, and add interesting textures to my outfits.

I’m reinvigorated, re-inspired, and no longer at a loss for words when it comes to talking about my wardrobe. So as the leaves begin to fall this Fall, I’m turning over a new fashion leaf!

While the warm days of summer whittle away in our minds & we move closer to winter, what motivates you during the bleak months ahead?

Oh…and here’s a peak at those projects I was talking about :)

IMAG9951Playing around with some stones, leather & animal bones!

Remember when my embroidery project was just a blank canvas?…


Look how far I’ve come! And to think…I’m almost done!




September’s Randolph Street Market Recap

I took a quick trip to California last weekend to work a styling job, but still managed to make it back in time for my monthly trip to the Randolph Street Market.

Last Sunday’s trip to the vintage market was bittersweet because September is the last month the market is both indoors & outdoors. It’s the last month they offer the free trolley to & from. It’s the last month of live music. It’s the last time shoppers have access to the abundance of oddities offered outdoors. And it’s the last time I get to see some of my favorite vendors until next summer :(

I don’t want to say that I was a bit disappointed in this month’s market (because let’s be honest…I could never really be disappointed in the market!), but I was a bit bummed because it felt like there weren’t as many merchants there as usually. After talking to one of my favorites, I found out there were some other events going on around the area, which some of the Randolph regulars attended instead. Regardless, I saw some stuff I hadn’t seen before…and still came home with a couple new things :) Check it out…

There was a definite Halloween/harvest theme throughout the market this month. Merchants sold home décor such as scull & scary cat lanterns and polished glaze pumpkins to shoppers so they could get in the spirit.

Pumpkin Decor (1)

Scary Cats & Skull Lanterns

Yard Ornaments

Fall flowers, Indian corn, and pumpkins were also for sale for people to take home and replace bouquets of summer perennials no longer in bloom.

Fall Flowers (1)



This gives new meaning to ‘stuffing the turkey’ on Thanksgiving…

Stuffed Turkey

…or ‘carving’ it. :)

Carved Wood Turkey

A couple other peculiar pieces I found while I was perusing…

This is a pair of oversized facet-stone clip-on earrings. How is something this big supposed to stay on your ear? I put them next to a quarter so you could get an idea of how huge they are.


A bullet belt…with a peace sign buckle? A contradictory clothing accessory if I must say so myself.

Bullet Belt

What could someone possibly own that they would need a wrench this big to fix? Whatever it is…they’ve clearly got an even bigger problem on their hands.

Giant Wrench

So what did I walk away with this month? Oh, you know…just 2 more rings :)



…because I don’t have enough already :/


Something I didn’t have to purchase – pumpkins, because every fall my mom mails me a package full of pumpkins & gourds she grows in her own garden!


Even though the market is only inside next month, organizers made up for it by offering two shopping events in the month of October. A special Modern Vintage clothing & accessories event in two weeks, then the regular Randolph Market the weekend after!

Modern Vintage Chicago