September’s Randolph Street Market Recap

I took a quick trip to California last weekend to work a styling job, but still managed to make it back in time for my monthly trip to the Randolph Street Market.

Last Sunday’s trip to the vintage market was bittersweet because September is the last month the market is both indoors & outdoors. It’s the last month they offer the free trolley to & from. It’s the last month of live music. It’s the last time shoppers have access to the abundance of oddities offered outdoors. And it’s the last time I get to see some of my favorite vendors until next summer :(

I don’t want to say that I was a bit disappointed in this month’s market (because let’s be honest…I could never really be disappointed in the market!), but I was a bit bummed because it felt like there weren’t as many merchants there as usually. After talking to one of my favorites, I found out there were some other events going on around the area, which some of the Randolph regulars attended instead. Regardless, I saw some stuff I hadn’t seen before…and still came home with a couple new things :) Check it out…

There was a definite Halloween/harvest theme throughout the market this month. Merchants sold home décor such as scull & scary cat lanterns and polished glaze pumpkins to shoppers so they could get in the spirit.

Pumpkin Decor (1)

Scary Cats & Skull Lanterns

Yard Ornaments

Fall flowers, Indian corn, and pumpkins were also for sale for people to take home and replace bouquets of summer perennials no longer in bloom.

Fall Flowers (1)



This gives new meaning to ‘stuffing the turkey’ on Thanksgiving…

Stuffed Turkey

…or ‘carving’ it. :)

Carved Wood Turkey

A couple other peculiar pieces I found while I was perusing…

This is a pair of oversized facet-stone clip-on earrings. How is something this big supposed to stay on your ear? I put them next to a quarter so you could get an idea of how huge they are.


A bullet belt…with a peace sign buckle? A contradictory clothing accessory if I must say so myself.

Bullet Belt

What could someone possibly own that they would need a wrench this big to fix? Whatever it is…they’ve clearly got an even bigger problem on their hands.

Giant Wrench

So what did I walk away with this month? Oh, you know…just 2 more rings :)



…because I don’t have enough already :/


Something I didn’t have to purchase – pumpkins, because every fall my mom mails me a package full of pumpkins & gourds she grows in her own garden!


Even though the market is only inside next month, organizers made up for it by offering two shopping events in the month of October. A special Modern Vintage clothing & accessories event in two weeks, then the regular Randolph Market the weekend after!

Modern Vintage Chicago


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