New Format…but not because of a Fashion Falling-Out!

As I start to refocus on my blog & pump out more post you’ll probably notice I’ve made a few changes – the most major being the images you see. Instead of styling each outfit & photographing it on my mannequin, Lola, I’ve started creating clothing collages made up of all the elements in the ensemble. Think very Polyvore-esque.

To do this I had to first take a picture of each and every article of clothing & accessory I own. Yep, that means E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

– Every tank top, t-shirt, blouse, sweater, blazer, jacket
– Every pair of pants, shorts, skirt
– Every onesie, every dress
– Every hat & handbag
– Every scarf, belt, pair of shoes & boots
– Every bangle, every cuff, necklace, ring, earring – even those pesky little studs
– Every pair of dressy stockings, tights & any other necessary undergarments (within reason – obviously I’m not going to put my panties out on blast for everyone to see :/)

Then, using Photoshop I edited each image to remove the background.           Time consuming? Touché

Bandana Dress

Mismatched Earrings

It sounds like a lot of work…and I’m not gonna lie – it was! It was quite the undertaking at first! There were times I questioned if what I was doing was worth it; but, piece-by-piece I persevered. And what I have now is a database for getting dressed!

Clothing CatalogWhen I last backed up my computer I had over 2,500 files in my “clothing catalog”. To be clear – I don’t own 2,500 things! There are duplicates, detail shots, and I took multiple photos if there were multiple ways to wear something.

Floral Print Red Kimono top

But now that all of the initial grunt work is done, when I go to style an outfit, all I have to do is drag & drop the individual “floating” garments into a collage, similar to the way one would when getting dressed.

Bandana Dress

In the end, it’s actually quite an efficient way of doing things! Before, I would steam everything, get Lola dressed, then pin, tuck, or tape things to make sure it looks good (some of the manipulation tactics I’ve come up with are rather clever :), move my furniture out of the way, then wait until the perfect time of day to have a photo shoot – when there’s just the right amount of natural light (when the sun’s not too bright that it creates a glare, but it’s not too dark out that it casts shadows). That ‘ideal time’ is usually during early to mid-afternoon (but now that it gets dark so early there’s an even shorter window of opportunity), which is not very conducive for someone who works during the day. :/


However, now, with my new system in place – I can create new looks whenever I want! Whether its 10am or 2am, I can jump on my computer, open up my fashion files, & style!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Talk about a streamlined approach to styling! It’s clean, consistent, & straightforward. I use this format for the look books I create for clients. It truly is a fool-proof guide to getting dressed!

So…what do you think of the new look?

BTW – Don’t worry, Lola and I didn’t have a complete fashion falling-out! She still gets a lot of love with other projects I’m working on…and she’ll comeback for a cameo in future posts :)


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