About Me

Growing up in rural Minnesota, I come from a land better known for farming & fishing than fashion. So when I decided to pursue my passion as a career path, I moved from my small home town to a life of intense contrast in the big city of Chicago.

Since getting my degree in Fashion Merchandising, I’ve worked in many different facets of the fashion industry. I’ve accumulated many years on the sales floor, working with customers of all shapes, sizes, styles and spending budgets. I’ve also dabbled in wholesale and spent several years on the e-commerce side of the selling, at both the designer & discount levels.

My most memorable moment thus far is having the opportunity to travel to New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in September of 2008. The anticipation that was mulling around the steps of the Bryant Park tent was invigorating. The bright lights and cameras added to the allure of seeing the runway shows from the front rows. Going back stage after the shows to meet the designers and see the Spring 2009 collections up-close was an unbelievable experience. Sitting second row at the Kate Stern: Venexiana show then meeting her just days later while she was shopping for material in Mood fabric store was humbling. Being introduced to Fern Mallis, the creator of New York “Fashion Week” and Teri Agins, former fashion writer for Wall Street Journal and author of the book The End of Fashion, was such an inspiring moment. So many things happened on that trip to New York that constantly remind me that anything is possible, even for a farm girl from Minnesota.

My favorite thing to do as a stylist is looking at a piece of clothing and playing around with it to find all the possible ways I can put an outfit together with it. Whether it’s tucking it in, layering it over the top, or wearing it backwards, I get so excited when I create another look with something I thought I could do no more with. I feel my eye for mixing colors, patterns and textures helps me create unique outfits that allow you to wear clothing in more than just the traditional ways and create looks that are completely different from the last time you wore it.

I am very excited at the thought of what’s to come. I love working with people in embracing their own fashion personality. I can not wait to clean out new closets and find fresh clothes to play dress-up with. Fashion is constantly changing and I can’t wait for what is next…!


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