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New Year, New Endeavor

I hope you all had a Happy Holiday and rang in the New Year safe & sound! As we begin a brand new year, I thought it seemed fitting for me to share with all of you, the new business endeavor I’ve recently begun :)

And so, it is with my great pleasure, to introduce to you…………………………………………drum roll please…………………………………………….

underground + BOUND Handmade Bohemian Jewelry on Etsy

underground + BOUND is an eclectic collection of hand-made jewelry inspired by Mother Earth and the unique rock formations created naturally at her core. Bound together by leather, stones & bones, minerals & metals, feathers & found objects are cleverly combined to create this artsy assortment of accessories that is mystical, meaningful, & undoubtedly unmistakable!

handmade bohemian jewelry

Each piece in this diverse collection of one-of-a-kind designs is a unique representation of the earth, its abundant offerings, and the creatures that inhabit it. Minerals & crystals magically created when all of the necessary conditions combine in a particular way, at a particular time. Rocks that make-up Earth’s crust; those that comprise our mountain ranges & canyons, that were once liquid molten lava that have cooled & compressed over millions of years. Fossils & bones from plant particles & animal life; the trace evidence preserving the remains of what once roamed & flourished from the land, long before our time.

Just as no two stones are the same, each design is distinctive in its very own way. Completely hand-crafted; hand-cut premium hides are tied together to secure stones & bones; while metals & other off-beat materials add an eclectic touch to these traditionally boho-inspired baubles.

Paying homage to Mother Earth, native cultures, and the unconventional ethos of nomadic lifestyle; underground + BOUND boasts earth elements, unlikely pairings, tribal adornments, folkloric patterns, & intricate designs. u + B accessories are meant to emulate the natural beauty & great spirits of the materials they are made of and accentuate the beauty & spirit of those who wear them. They are meant to be adorned, admired & appreciated.

underground + BOUND embodies the bohemian fundamentals of fashion; encouraging the importance of individuality – inspiring one to embrace their own personality and express it through the unique way they dress. Whether you prefer the bold necklaces made of bone or the more subtle studded pieces, the not-so-average knotted necklaces or the styles made with stones, u + B offers something for every brazen bohemian, prairie princess, free-spirited fashionista, hippy-at-heart, & gypsy soul.

Highlighting the exquisiteness of Earth’s bounty and the spirit of the beings that dwell upon her, underground + BOUND is a manifestation of the precision, perfection, and creative beauty that’s been around since the very beginning of time.

handmade bohemian jewelry

I sort of started underground + BOUND on a whim. Contagiously creative & rather crafty, I began making a couple pieces of jewelry for my personal collection after I couldn’t seem to find exactly what I was looking for in any retail stores. I never originally intended for it to be more than just a pleasurable pastime, but after countless compliments I received while wearing my creations & requests from friends, family & complete strangers for items of their own, I decided to turn the leisure activity I loved into a legitimate business.

Thus, underground + BOUND was born – my artistic imagination coming to life.

Similar to watching a circus act, creating my collection has been both terrifying & exciting at the same time. The balancing act of building a new business while juggling my normal day-to-day responsibilities has been challenging at times; but seeing it all come together and introducing my work for the first time has been met with equal feelings of relief & exhilaration!

Always curious, passionate & in-motion, not a minute goes by that I’m not brainstorming something for the business. From conception to distribution, I relish in the entire creative process that goes into making each & every piece in my collection. From initiating a design in my mind to picking out the perfect materials to make it, the many hours spent cutting leather, manipulating metals, intricately knotting, stitching stones & bones – seeing my pieces evolve from what was once just a drawing on paper to a product ready for someone to purchase is such a satisfying feeling. I pride myself in offering unique designs made of quality materials & strive to create authentic connections with my customers. Whether it’s creating compelling marketing materials or collaborating with customers on custom pieces, shipping merchandise or sharing inspirational photos on social media, I truly enjoy being a one-woman operation.

Click on the photos below to see these item, and others, listed on Etsy!

handmade black fringe brass studded bull boho necklaceAntique Brass Studded Bull Skull Black Genuine Deerskin Leather Fringe Statement Necklace

clear quartz crystal black leather open collar necklaceClear Quartz Crystal Genuine Deerskin Black Leather Wrapped Open Collar Necklace

Black Deerskin Leather Studded Fringe NecklaceBlack Genuine Deerskin Leather Hand-Cut Fringe Antique Brass Studded Statement Necklace

Black Leather Macrame & Deer Antler Fringe NecklaceGenuine Deer Antler Black Leather Diamond Macramé Statement Fringe Necklace/Wall Hanging

Agate Stone & Cognac Leather Braided Tassel NecklaceGenuine Buckskin & Saddle Brown Deerskin Leather Natural Banded Agate Stone Braided Lariat Tassel Necklace

If you like what you see, be sure to stay connected with my brand new brand via the social media links below…
Instagram: undergroundandbound

And as always, I love feedback, so leave a comment & let me know what you think of my designs!

New Year Quote

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I know I cannot wait to see what this New Year brings for me & my new business. May your coming year be filled with health, happiness, magic & lots of new dreams!!!


When Life Stresses Me Out, My Market Keeps Me Sane

Some people go to the gym to blow off some steam, others get manis, pedis, or massages to decompress from stress; I – go shopping. My life has been feeling quite hectic lately: there’s always somewhere I have to be, something I have to do, and 10 things I wish I would’ve gotten done before the day is through.

Sunday’s are my one free day during the week to play catch-up on stuff or do whatever I please. Conveniently, the Randolph Street Holiday Market was happening this last weekend, so Sunday, I set aside everything I had to do and spent my ‘me’ day at my favorite market. :) It felt nice to disregard my ‘to do’ list for the day and get lost among unique pieces from the past. A few hours of looking at fabulous furs, drowning yourself in drawers of amazing accessories, and sorting through interesting vintage oddities…and you’d forget about the stress of all you have to do too! See for yourself…

  Fabulous Furs

Dior Fur (1)

Dior Fur (2)Wanna drop $3500 on Dior?

                                                                            Drowned in DrawersDrawers upon drawers to go through!

Seeing GreenFilled with all kinds of accessories to try on :)

Vintage Findings

Gold Accessories


Bunch of Vintage Bracelets


After juggling jobs & running around all week, there’s nothing better than spending the day by myself – doing my own thing, at my own pace, with no one to report to, and no place I got to be. Simply searching…searching for tiny treasures hidden among all the random things :)

Skinned Zebra Rug (1)

Skinned Zebra Rug (3)Skinned Zebra rug, complete with eye socket still attached anyone? Only $1000!

Tiny People PotsTiny People Pots

Turtle ShellsTurtle shells?!?

Cork Handbags (2)

Cork Handbags (3)Cool Cork Handbags!

It never fails…I always find something! Check out the neat pieces I got this month –

Vintage Fish Pendant

Vintage Fish Pendant (2)

Vintage Fish Pendant (3)Here fishy fishy! This colorful fish pendant looks kind of like a lure found in a tackle box, and it flops back & forth like the real thing.

 Sterling Silver Poison Ring (2)

Sterling Silver Poison Ring (1)This is a poison ring – the top opens up & the center of the ring is actually a small secret compartment!

(It only seemed fitting to use the artistic vintage floral design on my daily planner as a background for the pictures in this post :)

Shopping probably isn’t the best way to relieve stress; (in fact, if you do too much of it it’s probably the cause of some of your stress) but I’d pass up a pedicure & polish change to peruse my market any day of the week. And rest assured, I wouldn’t trade in any of my one-of-a-kind finds for a few miles on the treadmill!!

What’s your stress reliever when you’re feeling bogged down by life?

Clowning Around with Zimmerman’s Spring ’14 Collection

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week wrapped up in New York yesterday. Over the last eight days designers have been debuting their collections for spring 2014 down the runway.  Since I wasn’t there to see the fashion shows myself, I got my fix by flipping through Women’s Wear Daily, reading their runway rundowns, and scrolling through’s almost-instant front-row photo summaries.

Also included in WWD’s daily paper were the ideas & concepts that inspired designers during the creation of their most recent collections. I found myself, first, making note of a designer’s inspiration, then reviewing the runway photos before reading a recap of their collection. I challenged myself to see if I could identify how the designer took their initial inspiration and translated it into cloth creations. Here, you try it…

Australian designer, Nicky Zimmerman, made her first appearance at New York fashion week with her label, Zimmerman.

The Inspiration:

Zimmerman Inspiration SS14 001

The Collection:

Zimmerman SS14 (1) Zimmerman SS14 (2) Zimmerman SS14 (3) Zimmerman SS14 (4) Zimmerman SS14 (5)

The Review:

Entitled “Ringmaster”, Zimmerman’s collection had a circus theme.  Zimmermann interpreted the notion quite literally, with playful pleats, creative cuts, dramatic diamond patterns, billowy silhouettes and bold black-and-white “mascara” print (a play on melting stage makeup) into several looks. Zimmerman’s collection didn’t come across as too costumey and I see how many of the pieces could actually make their way into mainstream every day wear – good, considering most of us don’t typically don clown clothes on a daily basis :)

Were you able to see the ‘circus theme’ throughout this collection? Would you wear any of these clothes? Or do you think they’re better off staying in Bozo’s closet?

All About Antiques in April – Modern Vintage Spring Fashion Explosion

It’s April – and this month is all about antiques! Earlier this month I blogged about my shopping spree at Clothing Optional’s close-out;  now I’m going to blog about my trip to the Modern Vintage Spring Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories Explosion today, and next weekend I’ll be blogging about my trip to the regular Randolph Street Market and the International Antiques Fair!

This weekend the producers of the Randolph Street Market presented Modern Vintage Chicago, a fusion of fashion-forward contemporary designs and classic vintage from the Mid-Century, Art Nouveau, ‘60s, ‘70s, and more. Vendors from around the country brought their textiles, jewelry, handbags, artwork and accessories from legendary fashion houses like Hermes, Chanel, Prada & Gucci, while Chicago’s leading indie designers presented creations of their own to shoppers.

Modern Vintage Chicago - Spring Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories Explosion!

Here are some snapshots from my day at the market…

IMAG4269Special Occasion hankies

IMAG4298Clowning Around!

Raccoon Jaw Bones (1)Raccoon jaw bones

Mummidied Cow Fetus (3)A mummified cow fetus



I love the wooden boxes & old desks Susie, one of my favorite sellers at the show, uses as jewelry boxes to display all her merchandise…

Old Wooden Jewelry Boxes (1)

Old Wooden Jewelry Boxes (6)

Old Wooden Jewelry Boxes (3)

Old Wooden Jewelry Boxes (4)

Old Wooden Jewelry Boxes (5)

Old Wooden Jewelry Boxes (9)

And yes……every drawer is filled with one-of-a-kind treasures! Just like this…










So what did I walk away with this weekend? Well…

IMAG42633 needlepoint books; I bought a book of folk designs cross-stitch pattens for only $5.00 and the other two for $10 apiece. The Needlework Book is an embroidery, crochet and knitting how-to book that shows hundreds of stitches!

The Needlework Book Inside Pages (1)

The Needlework Book Inside Pages (2)

The Needlework Book Inside Pages (3)

And, of course – I bought a couple bones :)

IMAG4449I’m going to make a necklace out of one!

Don’t worry – I left the mummified cow fetus behind :) I didn’t want to spend all my money at once! After all…I’ll be back again next weekend!! ***And for free! A different dealer that I’ve made relations with gave me a complementary admission pass (usually $10.00) for being a repeat customer!

What’d you do this weekend?

Designers’ Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013

All throughout the month of February fashion designers have been showing off their Fall/Winter 2013 collections on runways around the world. Buyers, editors, socialites & fashionistas gathered in the major fashion capitals of New York, London, Paris and Milan, to see what the designers have in store for us come next fall. While the models revealed bright primary colors, classic prints, super-sized silhouettes and tons of texture on the runway, do you ever wonder where the designers draw their inspiration from to create the things they do?

Women’s Wear Daily published some of the images & ideas that motivated designers to conceptualize their cold-weather collections for next year; and in hopes to inspire some of you, here’s a look at what inspired them…

Designers' Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, WWD

Designers' Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, WWD

Designers' Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, WWD

Designers' Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, WWD

Designers' Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, WWD

Designers' Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, WWD

Designers' Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, WWD

Designers' Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, WWD

Designers' Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, WWD

Designers' Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, WWD

Designers' Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, WWD

Designers' Inspiration for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, WWD

(click on images to enlarge them)

I challenge you to choose one of the designer inspirations you see here, then review that designer’s runway show (click here to see photos of the shows via and see if you can detect the underlying inspiration in the collection they introduced.

Do the designs they styled coincide with what stimulated them, or did you miss the connection?

Send me a comment to let me know which designers you looked at and if you saw the link!

Source: Women’s Wear Daily Publication, February 4 & 5, 2013