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ReCreate the Look: Florals From the Front Page of WWD

The moment I pulled this issue of WWD out of my mailbox I was instantly inspired to recreate the look photographed on the front page!

Outfit Inspiration: Floral Top & Burgundy Bottoms from WWD

Of course, it was January back then and with temperatures in the teens & snow still on the ground “the very idea of spring” was far from my mind. That wasn’t the case for Reif Simons, as that thought was the premise around his Dior Haute Couture collection for Spring 2013. But now that the snow has melted & the weather is getting warmer it’s time for me to start styling outfits for spring! So I simulated the floral top & burgundy bottoms ensemble seen on the cover with something from my own closet. Check it out…

WWD Outfit Inspiration - Florals & Burgundy

Golden daisies bloom from the white background of the  perforated lightweight sweater from Anthropologie; sure, it’s not identical to the individual organza petals that flourish from the couture top…but the color schemes within both shirts is consistent. A match to the cigarette trousers on the model, a pair of burgundy knit stretch pant from Free People completes my look. I couldn’t decide between my Minnetonka Moccasin cognac suede fringe lace-up boots or my Steve Madden cognac leather tall boots; but either way – the duplicate is done!

Anthro Floral Top & Free People Burgundy Bottoms

I photographed the look using the effects on my Android camera phone to capture a more accurate representation of the outfit because my regular camera didn’t quite project the correct colors, but here are those photos as well…

Spring Outfit - Floral Top & Burgundy Bottoms

Spring Outfit - Floral Top & Burgundy Bottoms Close-Up

Spring Fashion Inspiration - Floral Top & Burgundy Bottoms Outfit Layout

Spring Outfit - Floral Top & Burgundy Bottoms Detail Shot

So what do you think of my rendition of the runway outfit? A close comparison…or a bad couture copycat?


Roses Are Red and I’m Feeling Blue…Maybe This Will Do?

While mourning the loss of my mustard yellow sweatshirt dress I thought a little retail therapy might help cheer me up.

Missing Diesel Kasumi Dress(Thanks, someone, for the kind note…I hope I get it back too!)

It worked…a little. I took a trip to the Free People boutique on Southport Ave. and came across a couple good finds in the sale section.

Free People Boutique - Southport Ave., Chicago

One of the things I found was this Wildfox Couture blue vintage floral print graphic sweatshirt…

Wildfox Couture Vintage Rose Graphic Print Sweatshirt

The one and only bright blue cotton basic stood out on the sale rack that was filled with the typical dull, dark winter hues. Since it’s a size large and has a naturally oversized silhouette, the sweatshirt is more of a dress on me; but, it was the last one and I figure – I tend to wear things a bit baggy anyways, so oh well. Plus, this replacement piece was only $29.95, originally $148.00! Score!!!

The comfy casual top doesn’t quite fill the void I feel for my first sweatshirt dress that’s still MIA…but for now, I suppose it will do. The “retail gods” must have known how much work went into getting the Diesel dress (and how much I miss it),  so they went easy on me this time around. :)

Wildfox Couture One of a Kind Vintage Rose Sweatshirt(Oh, Wildfox Couture sweatshirt, I want our love to last forever too…or at least longer than my Diesel dress did!)

Channeling the same styling notions I did when I put together outfits with my original, here are a couple copycat looks I styled for a causal day out-and-about in my new sweatshirt dress…


Diesel Kasumi Sweatshirt Dress styled with Leggings & Bloomers

(Left) A layered look – with my Anthropologie ‘Eye Dazzler’ Navajo print scarf and a pair of black leggings. (Right) A playful look – with my Free People ivory lace-trim silk bloomers peaking out from underneath the Diesel dress and a couple long, layered necklaces.


Wildfox Couture Vintage Rose Sweatshirt styled with Leggings, Fur Collar & Olive Beanie

I winterized the Wildfox Couture sweatshirt by accessorizing it with an Anthropologie olive, studded knit beanie (the shade pulls from the rose stem on the shirt), an H&M faux fur collar, and ivory sweater socks inside Steve Madden grey leather boots.

Wildfox Couture Vintage Rose Sweatshirt styled with Bloomers

Again with the Free People ivory lace-trim silk bloomers peaking out from underneath the sweatshirt, worn with my cognac Minnetonka Moccasin fringe lace-up suede boots.

Wildfox Couture Vintage Rose Sweatshirt styled with Textured Leggings

I texturized the look by pairing the naturally slubbed soft cotton sweatshirt with Free People charcoal & taupe textured leggings and Steve Madden suede & leather riding boots.

Have you ever tried to find a replacement for something you once loved to wear? It’s just not the same, is it?

My ‘New’ Old Wood Box – More Meaningful than the Mass-Produced

I’ve been in the market for something to store my Women’s Wear Daily newspapers in lately since my stack of papers has been piling up (and it’s quite frustrating when I bump into my side table and they scatter all over the floor)!

WWDs Stacking Up

While looking online for something to put them in, I came across the Vintage Wood Rolling Cart at available for $139.00. It’s a unique piece that’s apparently crafted from wood used from packaging materials for the U.S. Army during the Gulf War.

Urban Outfitters Vintage Wood Rolling Cart

I like the idea of recycling an old wooden box and using it for storage; but for some reason, I feel ‘rare’ finds such as this loses some of its ‘exclusivity’ when you buy it from a mass retailer like Urban Outfitters.

Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s great that they’re offering vintage finds such as this & others because many people 1.) don’t know where to search for rare, refurbished pieces like this, or 2.) don’t have quality vintage shops, antique stores or flea markets near them to find these found objects. But I prefer to find them myself.

Seeing this salvaged storage case online sparked my inspiration and sent me on a treasure hunt to find something similar. While Chicago has a lot to offer for vintage clothing & accessories, I feel the city stores have little to offer when it comes to old-fashioned furniture and home decor. And when I say I’m searching for vintage I mean – I’m searching for vintage. Vintage floral print fabrics, fine bone-china, tarnished silver, and sturdy, solid oak…real old-school stuff that has stood the test of time and has a story to tell (not Crate & Barrel circa 1995).

Yes, it takes time to sift through all the second-hand stuff, some of its junk and some just not my style; but when I spot something that catches my eye, usually hidden underneath it all and probably full of dust…I’ve often found my diamond in the rough – my treasure. Whether it’s a hand-painted gold trim serving plate or a delicate ceramic vase, a worn-in, woven horse blanket or a beautiful silk scarf with hand-rolled piping around the edge – it’s my treasure.

Since my home goods hunt was at a halt here in Chicago I waited until my most recent trip home to Minnesota. While back, I stopped by Pines-n-Tiques, the antique store down the dirt road from my house. I only had 15 minutes to browse through the two-story barn-turned-into-store, but in that short time I found this…

My Vintage Find - Old Oak Grove Dairy Wood Box

My Vintage Find - Old Oak Grove Dairy Wood Box

My “new” old ‘Oak Grove Dairy’ wood box is exactly what I was looking for! It’s the perfect storage case for my WWD’s and furthermore, this functional piece even holds a few family ties! Oak Grove Dairy was an old dairy creamery not far from my hometown. It’s since shut-down, but when I was growing up and my dad was milking cows, that’s where he sent all of his milk to be processed.

Seems as though I just saved myself a little piece of history…and some hard-earned cash – my wood box was only $15 bucks! Thanks Urban Outfitters for offering up your rare, vintage finds, but for now, I’ll continue to search for my own :)

Are you a second-hand shopper? Where does your treasure hunt take you?

ReCreate the Look: Michelle Trachtenberg

While I was flipping through a People Style Watch magazine I came across this photo of Michelle Trachtenberg.

People StyleWatch: Michelle Trachtenberg Rock Band Tee with Velvet Blazer I love the casual, yet cool appeal of the rock band t-shirt layered underneath a dramatic velvet blazer. It’s a simple, stylish look that was easy to recreate – here’s how I did it with clothes from my closet…

Cinderella Rock Band Tee & Free People Velvet Blazer

I layered my Cinderella raglan sleeve top underneath my velvet blazer from Free People. The rich rust-colored topper makes the color pop from within the graphic-print tee; while the comfortable cotton & crushed velvet combo makes this “I’m with the band” look effortlessly chic.

What do you think of this combo? Would you recreate the look?

Now rock on…cuz “You Don’t Know What Till it’s Gone”

Cinderella – Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) – YouTube.

Autumn/Winter 2012 Trend Report: A Style Guide for the Fall Season

 Since our hot, summer days are now long gone and sweaters & boots have replaced sandals & shorts in our everyday attire, it’s time to prepare for the impending temperature drop and make sure our style is spot-on when the snow starts to fall.

At the beginning of each new season, I compile a trend report that recaps the key concepts, color palette, patterns, textiles, and silhouettes that are forecasted to be the most popular styles for the upcoming season. I’ve have done this for several seasons and have now made it into a game. Since designers present their collections for the approaching season six months in advance, (Fall 2012 looks actually debuted back in February; but at that time, most of us were tired of the cold weather & eagerly waiting for summer to start) I take a look back at the runway photos and see what similarities I can pull out from all of the different collections. I try to decipher all of the prevalent details from the various outfit assortments and determine which styles from the high-fashion catwalk are going to be picked up by mainstream society on the city sidewalks.

Then, I thumb through the fashion magazines that spell out the current season’s top styles and see how many I accurately predicted. It’s a fun little test for myself that keeps me on my toes and gives me a reason to sit back & scroll through runway show photos of beautifully-crafted clothing, made by incredibly talented designers (but really, who needs a reason to do that anyway)?

Here’s a look my trend report that outlines all of the “Oh, I have to have that” styles for the season…enjoy!

Autumn/Winter 2012 Trend Report:

A summary of the season’s top fashion trends and most popular styles. This go-to style guide will help you achieve some of the best looks for fall.

Key Concepts:

Baroque Opulence:  Gold-threaded curlicues, colorful embroidery, sumptuous silks, ornate designs and embossed surfaces are some of the decadent details that define this design concept.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Baroque Opulence

Matchy-Matchy:  Dressing head-to-toe in a monochromatic color scheme or eye-catching print makes this look a whole body experience.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Matchy-Matchy

Mixing Materials:  Adding another texture as an accent piece, such as a fur trim collar or opposing leather sleeves is popular for fall and adds an unexpected twist to an ensemble.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Fur Trim

Menswear-Inspired:  Minimalist pant & skirt suits make-up this chic, modern look. We may have stolen this look from a man…but the sharp, tailored silhouettes still show off your feminine figure.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Menswear-Inspired Suiting

Equestrian Expression:  Elements of this horse-country attire include quilted vests, cross-body saddlebags, skinny pants, tailored jackets, tweed and two-toned riding boots.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Equestrian

Agent Galactic:  Fashion goes futuristic this fall with Sci-Fi and fantasy inspiration; shiny metallic and sharp shaping have these space-age creations making quite a statement.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Sci-Fi Fantasy

Left, left, left, right, left:  Military-inspired looks have us marching forward in army green, brass-buttoned jackets and trench coats straight from the surplus store.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Military-Inspired

Global Nomad:  The world-traveler’s way of dressing encompasses colorful combinations of juxtaposing prints, a mix of textures and lots & lots of layers. Some of the elements that define this look include: rich jewel tones, billowy silhouettes, muted earth tones, lavish fabrics, assorted metals, ornate embroidery and ethnic embellishments.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Global Nomad

Color Palette:

Cold temperatures means cool hues, so shades tend to get deeper & darker for the Autumn/Winter season. Rich, saturated jewel tones and muted earth tones are almost always on the color palette. But this season’s #1 shade – oxblood.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Oxblood

The deep, burnished Bordeux was by far, the most coveted color to be used by designers and has turned up among clothing & accessories in retailers everywhere.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Oxblood

Pantone also predicted that mixed in with the typical darks, we’d be uplifted with an unexpected mix of bright colors to ease the transition from long, sunny summer days to dark, chilly Winter nights. Their Fall 2012 Color Palette, forecasts for Bright Chartreuse, Pink Flambé, Tangerine Tango, Ultramarine Green, and Olympian Blue to add a pop of color among Honey Gold, French Roast, Titanium, Rhapsody, and Rose Smoke neutrals.

Pantone Color Report - Fall Fashion 2012

* I was a little surprised when I first saw this color concept, I felt the colors they picked were a bit bright for fall; but, seeing as though they’ve been doing this for quite some time now, I’m guessing they’ve gotten pretty good at their predictions. (Pantone has spearheaded color exploration for nearly 50 years. Seasonal color direction & pigment schemes are forecasted 24 months in advance, to allow for designers to conceptualize ideas and manufacturers to produce goods; interesting little tidbit). And I must admit, after looking through hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of photos from many, many runway collections, Pantone did get it right. I saw a lot more lighter, brighter hues than I’m typically used to during this time of year.


Dizzying geometric prints are an optical overload, but also an obsession for many designers & retailers this season. Be prepared to make a statement with precision patterns such as these…

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Geometric Prints

Apparently flowers don’t only blossom in the springtime, even though the sunflowers & daisies are dead, we’re still seeing floral prints pop up in dense designs against a dark background.

Fall 2012 Fashion - Floral Prints

Opulent eastern prints & lavish brocade takes our wardrobe on a wanderlust trip through Asian-inspired motifs, ornate designs, and intricate, colorful embroidery.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Eastern-Inspired Prints

Houndstooth, herringbone, and plaid  are among some of the other cold-weather, classic patterns that turn up seasonally year-after-year.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Houndstooth, Herringbone & Plaid


Less is more when it comes to leather; sleek silhouettes with simple, fluid shapes are favored over edgy designs covered in harsh hardware.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Leather

Luxe velvet offers a soft touch and rich textural element to ensembles this season.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Velvet

Where the Wild Things Are:  Is that a woolly mammoth walking down the street? Nope, just a women wearing an untamed fur topper! Take full advantage of wearing these fuzzy creations this fall, faux or for real!

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Fur

Chunky knits are always a winter-must; cozy up with plush creations for added warmth when it’s crisp & cold outside.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Chunky Knits

Suede, wool, and tweed are three more heavier-hand fabrics traditionally worn during the winter weather; so it’s no surprise we’re seeing them again this year.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Wool, Suede, Tweed


Cocoon Contouring: Oversized, away from the body silhouettes that have broad shoulders and taper toward the hem.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Cocoon Coats

Peplums and skinny belts define the waist and highlight the hourglass figure.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Hourglass Silhouette

Slender skirts, dresses, and 3/4- length jackets skim just below the knee this season.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Knee-length Hemlines

Smooth shoulders seamlessly round out the upper body.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Rounded Shoulders

Necklines ride high with mock necks & fully buttoned-collars creating full coverage, but not to be misconstrued – the otherwise curvaceous silhouette & intricate detailing still allow you to show off your shape.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - High Collars

Outerwear is an obvious must, and with suiting being so popular this season, we’re seeing lapels that are larger than life.

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend - Large Lapels

Trend reports are a great resource to make sure you stay up-to-date on the season’s most popular styles. I hope you found the one I created to be helpful! Feel free to take it with you when you go shopping for your must-have wardrobe updates so you can make you know the current styles when buying the looks you love!

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