The Essence of Express Thru Dress

With it being such a fast-paced world today, people are quick to make judgments and form first impressions. The clothing you wear and the way you carry yourself says a lot about who you are. When you go out for the day, are you expressing your true personality with the way you dress? Are you portraying your thoughts, ideas and feelings with what you’re wearing? Jill will work with you to ensure you express your most authentic self through your distinctive style and way of dress.

As a freelance fashion consultant, Jill offers a wide variety of services to her clients. She will work with you one-on-one to assess your personal style and determine if your current clothing choices represent who you really are. Through in-depth and  genuine conversations she will come to understand your personal preferences, daily lifestyle, needs and budget. During fit sessions, you will establish which silhouettes and colors work best with your body shape, skin tone, and hair & eye color. After assessing what you currently own, Jill will make suggestions of clothing additions to pick-up to create a complete & cohesive wardrobe assortment. Together, you can shop for the additional items needed or Jill will pull them prior to your visit if you have time limitations. Using creative combinations, she will make the most of everything you own to style outfits ensuring you are always distinctive in the way you dress. She will create a personal look book for you to reference when you don’t know what to wear or don’t have much time.

Jill will help you identify & embrace your personal style and develop the fashionable image you want to carry throughout your everyday life. Together you will build your style confidence, determine what clothing looks best on you and create a fashion foundation that is both internal and external. Be confident in your clothing choices and comfortable with what you are wearing, so you can go out every day and convey your inner character to the world.


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