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Opposites Attract: Sheer Shirts & Bold Bottoms

I’ve always been a fan of mixing delicate fabrics with harsher opposites – and that’s exactly what I’ve done in these next three outfits! Even though the Free People pants are vegan leather, a heavier material more suitable for the fall/winter season, the sheer fabric and pastel colors that I’ve paired with them help transition them into the spring/summer season. Have a look…

Outfit #1:

Urban Outfitters Sheer Pink Shirt, Free People Bronze Embroidered Pants & Jeffrey Campbell Floral Wedges

Pastel Pink Shirt & Bronze Vegan Leather Bottoms

Sheer Pink Shirt, Embroidered Pants, Hammered Stone Necklace & Floral Print Wedges

A Closer Look: Sheer Fabrics, Feminine Floral & Intricate Embroidery

My Jeffrey Campbell floral print platform wedges are the basis of which I created this outfit around. The bronze leather pants coincide with the light brown background of the sandals, while my pale pink button-down shirt from Urban Outfitters and light green hammered-stone necklace from Anthropologie bring out the pastel flowers that bloom on the vintage floral motif.

Outfit #2:

Urban Outfitters Sheer Mint Shirt, Anthropologie Purple Plaid Sweater & Free People Bronze Embroidered Pants

Mint Green Shirt, Purple Plaid Sweater & Bronze Vegan Leather Pants

Mint Green Shirt, Purple Plaid Sweater, Embroidered Pants, Amethyst Stone Necklace & Feather Pendant

A Closer Look: Playing with Pastels, Feminine Fabrics & Intricate Embroidery

My lightweight lavender plaid wrap sweater from Anthropologie is ideal for early spring; during those first few weeks after the initial warm-up when you can go without a jacket, but it’s still nice to have something to shield yourself from the cool breeze at times. When you take it off, layered underneath is Spring/Summer 2013’s hottest hue – mint!

Pastels are popular for spring in general, but it seems as though lighter shades of green – such as mint, sea foam, and pistachio have taken the #1 spot this season. Here I’ve paired a mint green sheer button-down shirt from Urban Outfitters with the iridescent bronze bottoms. An oversized amethyst stone necklace accessorizes the outfit and ties together the adorable combo.

*Yes, it’s the exact same shirt as the pale pink one in the outfit above, just in another color. Don’t judge me that I bought multiples of the same style – when it’s a basic silhouette and fits well, why not buy a couple! Plus, I got them on sale for only $17.95 apiece; it only makes sense to stock up on the timeless styles when they’re that cheap!

P.S. I have the same style shirt in black as well :)

P.P.S. Actually…make that 2 in black :P

Outfit #3:

Anthropologie Sheer Pleated Shirt, Free People Bronze Embroidered Pants & Jeffrey Campbell Patchwork Leather Booties

Ivory Anthro Pleated Shirt & Bronze Free People Embroidered Pants

Sheer Pleated Shirt, Embroidered Pants, Patchwork Leather 'Lita' Booties

A Closer Look: A Pleathora of Pleats, Patchwork & Leather

Just like the first outfit, statement footwear sets the foundation for this next outfit as well. Here, my bold Jeffrey Campbell ‘Lita Booties’ not only stand out, but also set the color scheme for the rest of the ensemble. The multi-colored patchwork leather booties incorporate the neutral hues of my ivory pleated blouse from Anthropologie and the bronze with gold embroidery bottoms.

Do you ever mix feminine fabrics with heavy weight opposites? Out of the contrasting combos I created here, which one is your favorite?


These PJ Pants are for the Street…NOT just in Between the Sheets!!

I typically don’t condone wearing pajamas pants outside of your house…but these Free People silky blossomed bottoms are definitely an exception!

Free People - FP One Pacific Trails Pant

I just bought the FP One Pacific Trails ivory floral patterned wide-leg pants for only $18.00, originally $98.00! These silky lounge pants are perfect for a low-key night in with your special someone OR they could pass on the streets for a night out on the town. Check out just a few of the ways I styled these slacks so they could be worn outside the home…

Free People Silk Patterned Wide Leg Pants & Olive Open-Stitch Sweater Worn with a Free People olive green open-stitch sweater and a couple layered necklaces.

Free People Silk Patterned Wide Leg Pants & Burgundy Top Worn with an Anthropologie burgundy billowy top and accessorized with an ivory geometric necklace and patchwork leather Jeffrey Campbell booties.

Free People Silk Patterned Wide Leg Pants & Brown Sweater Worn with an Anthropologie brown lightweight wool sweater.

Free People Silk Patterned Wide Leg Pants & Taupe Button-down BlouseMy favorite – worn with an Urban Outfitters taupe silky button-down blouse knotted in the center and a couple strands of pearls. Surprisingly, the silk-on-silk combination is not overkill because the bottoms have more of a textured crepe effect to them, while the top is smooth with a subtle sheen.

These pants have only been part of my wardrobe for a couple days and I already see even more outfits that I can create with them!

Which one is your favorite so far?

Again, the Free People PJ pants I just bought are not only comfy, but also cute. They’re acceptable to wear around in public…these on the other hand – are NOT!!!

Victoria's Secret Pajamas Pants

P.S….Do you think it’s OK to leave the house in your PJ’s?