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An Everyday Essential + Embroidery Embellished Bottoms = Effortless Style

I think this ensemble is the epitome of casual chic!

Free People Thermal & Embroidered Leather Pants

Free People Thermal & Embroidered Leather Bottoms Close-Up

Free People Thermal & Embroidered Leather Bottoms Detail Shot

Here I paired my gray graphic print “Love Bug” thermal from Free People with my F.P. bronze vegan leather pants. The waffle-textured top is an everyday essential while the embroidery embellished bottoms are a bit out of the ordinary – creating a balanced outfit that exudes effortless style.

My new nubby knitted “Bradley Boots” from Free People finish off the look; and the spattered metallic paint on the taupe wooly soles adds a bit more bronze to the ensemble! I don’t worry about wearing leather boots with leather pants because there’s enough of the textured knit in between to even notice. An added bonus, just like the embellished bottoms, I bought these boots on sale for only $29.95 too, originally $178.00!

Do you think blending the go-to basic with the statement bottoms is a good idea?

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I Can Pull Off (and Up) Leather Pants Better Than Ross Can!

I came by these Embroidered Vegan Leather Pants in the sale section at Free People about a month ago…

Free People Embroidered Vegan Leather Pants

I’m not surprised that the statement pants went on sale; even though Free People shoppers are fashion-forward, not everyone can pull off a pair of metallic vegan leather pants with embroidery embellishment along the leg.

Now, I consider myself to have a pretty progressive style sense, so naturally I was drawn to the bold bronze bottoms. And the fact that they were marked all the way down to $29.95 (originally $148.00)…that was just a bonus! I love the iridescent sheen that radiates off them in the light and the intricate embroidered design down the front. They’re surprisingly comfortable for being made of vegan leather; sometimes that material sticks to your skin because the heavy-weight fabric doesn’t breathe.

***Random Side note: Whenever I think of leather pants, I think of the episode of Friends when Ross wears a pair over to his date’s place. He’s overheating & uncomfortable, so he goes into the bathroom to cool down; but when he pulls the leather pants down…he can’t get them back up! He call’s Joey for advice, and after trying baby powder and lotion, he’s still left with his pants around his ankles. :/

Friends Episode - Ross Wears Leather PantsClick on the image to play video of the episode

Thankfully, whoever designed these unique pants must have taken that into consideration, because there’s a sewn-in cotton liner on the inside…so I’ll never run into the issue Ross had! :)

And for as much as the embellished bottoms stand out, they actually integrated into my wardrobe quite well! Take a wild guess at how many different outfits I created using these statement slacks.

Send me a comment with what you think the final count is & I’ll start showing you results tomorrow…!

Random Stop at a Vintage Shop Turned into a Shopping Spree!

I was walking home from the gym on Wednesday and when I passed by one of my favorite vintage shops I noticed signs on the windows indicating that they’re going out of business at the end of the month. This caught me by surprise, so I went inside to talk to the store owner and see what I could find while I was there. In an effort to get rid of inventory, everything in the secondhand store was an additional 50% off. Here’s a look at the treasures I found…and a little narrative to go along with it…

I was very happy to see the intricate owl embroidered wall hang that I was debating on was still up on the wall; so what was once a questionable buy at $48.00 was now a definite must at $24.00!

Vintage Owl Embroidery

Vintage Owl Embroidery

Since this was a spur of the moment stop and I already had my clunky yoga mat, I initially thought I could manage with just the large framed hang, but then I found 2 more mounted embroideries. I really only wanted the canvases, so I deconstructed the frames they were in and left them behind – there was no way I could carry 3 big frames & my bulky belongings.

Vintage Owls on Birch Embroidery

IMAG3840Owls perched on a birch branch – a unique mix of latch-hook & needle-stitch

A Field of Flowers Embroidery

A Field of Flowers Embroidery Close-UpA field of flowers flourishing embroidery

A pair of silk scarves…

Silk Scarves

And why not throw in a couple old pillow cases that were only $1.50 each and two large fabric panels while I’m at it…

Vintage Pillow Cases

Vintage Fabric Textiles

I thought that would complete my little shopping spree, but then I went downstairs and hit the jackpot!

Clothing Optional Vintage Shop

Underneath two tables covered with stuff I spotted a beautiful brown & gold patterned area rug. I instantly fell in love with the tonal color scheme and varying woven design! Since everything had to go, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask if it was up for grabs as well; and much to my surprise – it was!

My first thought was – oh my God, I have to have this!!! And my second thought was – how on earth am I going to get this home???

Vintage Rug

Gold Patterned Area Rug

For only $100 bucks, I bought the huge carpet rug! Sure there’re slight signs of wear-&-tear and some of the braided fringe trim is frayed, (it’s a rug for heaven sake – people have been walking all over it for who knows how long), regardless, I think this old piece is well worth the price I paid! But now there was no way home I was getting home with all my stuff!

I had a 10×13 sq. ft. area rug + a 20×24 in. framed piece + 2 more embroideries + a bulky yoga mat + 2 silk scarves + 3 pillow cases + 2 textile panels / half the price = I got a lot of cool stuff!…and I was stuck!

I called up a friend who lives in the area to see if he could rescue me from my vintage shopping spree. He obliged, then sure enough, while waiting to be picked up, I spotted a vintage Singer sewing machine in the corner of my eye…


Since I was already getting a ride I figured why not seize the opportunity and add that into the bunch as well :) And for another $30, I added the antique to my pile of purchases.

Thankfully my friend showed up right after that or who knows what else I would’ve walked out with!

Have you ever been stranded after a shopping spree because you bought too much?

Crazy About Corduroy!

Hounds-tooth, herringbone, and tweed are some of the typical textures for fall & winter; but my personal favorite when it comes to seasonal fabrics is corduroy. It’s often soft to the touch and the distinctive ribbed texture adds an extra element to any ensemble. I’ve stocked up on cords the last two seasons in order to have options when I want to wear my preferred winter woven, here’s a look at some of the outfits I styled while incorporating my cord collection…

Anthropologie Charcoal Cord Leggings

I bought these charcoal cord leggings from Anthropologie last fall and absolutely loved them! The stretchy material is so comfy that it pretty much feels like you’re not wearing any pants. Now, surely that’s not really the case, but the super-soft fabric definitely sticks to body to show off all your curves!

Anthropologie Coral Cords

Like I said, I wore my pair from last year so much that I bought the same stretchy cords again this year in another color! By the time I actually got around to purchasing my second pair they already went on sale, so I got these coral cords for only $19.95! (originally $88.00)

Anthropologie Gold High-Waisted, Wide-Leg Cords

The wide-leg shape was a popular silhouette for pants last season, so I bought these gold high-waisted, extreme-flare corduroy slacks from Anthropologie to stay in style. I didn’t wear them much this winter because silhouettes for trousers trended more toward skinny-leg, but I’m sure the extreme-flare style will come back around someday…I just hope I’m still the same size when that time comes. :)

Free People Bright Blue Cords

I picked up this pair of bright blue cords from Free People a couple months ago….again, on sale… again, only $19.95. (originally $128.00) The pants coordinate perfectly with a red Free People embroidered-front tunic I have; and coincidentally, they have embroidery along the back as well.

Urban Outfitters Light Brown Cords

You bet I saved the best buy for last! I bought this pair of light brown cords at the Urban Outfitters Surplus Store last week for only $5.95! (originally $58.00)

You can save a lot on seasonal styles like these if you’re willing to wait until later in the season. Sure, the tradeoff is that you have less time to wear them…but when you save as much as I did, does it really matter? Winter will come around again next year… and when it does, you’ll be set!

Do you rush out at the beginning of the season to buy your weather-appropriate wardrobe needs? Or do you wait until the end of the season to stock-up on stuff that’s all on sale?

1 Sale Sweater Styled 9 Different Ways – Now That’s a Deal!

Like I said last week, I’m surprised the Lucia Delphinium Shawl Sweater lasted long enough on the sales floor at Anthropologie to be marked all the way down to $19.95! If I could’ve bought the digital pattern knit at its original price of $248.00 I probably would’ve; and following the first markdown to $129.95 I was entertaining the idea even more. I must have missed it when it was marked down to $39.95, because I definitely would have bought it then; but thankfully I spotted it once again after the final markdown – and ended up saving even more!  (Luckily, I got the last one in stock!)

Anthropologie Lucia Delphinium Shawl Sweater on Sale

Everyone else must not have seen the potential in this unique, versatile piece like I did or I’m sure they would’ve scooped it up much sooner! The innovative design allows for a ton of options when wearing this hand-knit top. I spent some time playing around with it over the past week & check out some of the different ways I styled it…

1.   Buttoned all the way up in the front & the back

Anthropologie Shawl Sweater Styled 9 Different Ways

2.   Basically worn in reverse – with the cozy wrap in front & pop of pattern in the back

Anthropologie Shawl Sweater Styled 9 Different Ways

3.   This is probably the most creative way I could wear this piece – here I’ve unbuttoned the top entirely then wrapped the two panels around to the back. A single button at the bottom secures it in place and wha-lah – thick-knit sweater turned twist-front top!

Anthropologie Shawl Sweater Styled 9 Different Ways

4.   Here, I swung the shrug around again so the pattern’s on the back. Either wear the poncho loosely draped like this or undo the top button and sling an arm though for a one-shoulder look

Anthropologie Shawl Sweater Styled 9 Different Ways

5.   With the simple oblong shape, when totally undone the sweater turns into a standard scarf that can be simply wrapped around your neck

Anthropologie Shawl Sweater Styled 9 Different Ways

6. Or, left open & looped through, the sweater can be wrapped like a handkerchief scarf

Anthropologie Shawl Sweater Styled 9 Different Ways

7.   Buttoned up the front but left open in the back, now it’s baggy like a blanket (a stylish snuggie perhaps?)

Anthropologie Shawl Sweater Styled 9 Different Ways

8.  This is my 2nd favorite way I styled the sweater – into a one-shoulder top! Simply shift it to the side & slide an arm though; buttons line the single slouchy sleeve while the other shoulder stays exposed.

Anthropologie Shawl Sweater Styled 9 Different Ways

9.   With all but the top button undone & the back left open the sweater is now a cape vest. Other obvious variations would be to only fasten the center button, or the bottom 3 buttons, or every other button. Ok, ok, not really…now I’m getting a little carried away – but you get the idea!

Anthropologie Shawl Sweater Styled 9 Different Ways

See what I mean?! There’s so many ways to style this super-soft sweater…and to pay only $19.95 for it – that’s what I call a steal! If you divide the 9 different ways I styled it by the price I paid, that comes down to $2.20 a look. (And that’s just counting what I showed you – there’s no doubt even more ways this top can be worn!)

A practical purchase?? – I’d say so! Would you have bought this unusual piece had you come across it? What price would’ve you been willing to pay? And lastly, which way is your fav?