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New Year, New Endeavor

I hope you all had a Happy Holiday and rang in the New Year safe & sound! As we begin a brand new year, I thought it seemed fitting for me to share with all of you, the new business endeavor I’ve recently begun :)

And so, it is with my great pleasure, to introduce to you…………………………………………drum roll please…………………………………………….

underground + BOUND Handmade Bohemian Jewelry on Etsy

underground + BOUND is an eclectic collection of hand-made jewelry inspired by Mother Earth and the unique rock formations created naturally at her core. Bound together by leather, stones & bones, minerals & metals, feathers & found objects are cleverly combined to create this artsy assortment of accessories that is mystical, meaningful, & undoubtedly unmistakable!

handmade bohemian jewelry

Each piece in this diverse collection of one-of-a-kind designs is a unique representation of the earth, its abundant offerings, and the creatures that inhabit it. Minerals & crystals magically created when all of the necessary conditions combine in a particular way, at a particular time. Rocks that make-up Earth’s crust; those that comprise our mountain ranges & canyons, that were once liquid molten lava that have cooled & compressed over millions of years. Fossils & bones from plant particles & animal life; the trace evidence preserving the remains of what once roamed & flourished from the land, long before our time.

Just as no two stones are the same, each design is distinctive in its very own way. Completely hand-crafted; hand-cut premium hides are tied together to secure stones & bones; while metals & other off-beat materials add an eclectic touch to these traditionally boho-inspired baubles.

Paying homage to Mother Earth, native cultures, and the unconventional ethos of nomadic lifestyle; underground + BOUND boasts earth elements, unlikely pairings, tribal adornments, folkloric patterns, & intricate designs. u + B accessories are meant to emulate the natural beauty & great spirits of the materials they are made of and accentuate the beauty & spirit of those who wear them. They are meant to be adorned, admired & appreciated.

underground + BOUND embodies the bohemian fundamentals of fashion; encouraging the importance of individuality – inspiring one to embrace their own personality and express it through the unique way they dress. Whether you prefer the bold necklaces made of bone or the more subtle studded pieces, the not-so-average knotted necklaces or the styles made with stones, u + B offers something for every brazen bohemian, prairie princess, free-spirited fashionista, hippy-at-heart, & gypsy soul.

Highlighting the exquisiteness of Earth’s bounty and the spirit of the beings that dwell upon her, underground + BOUND is a manifestation of the precision, perfection, and creative beauty that’s been around since the very beginning of time.

handmade bohemian jewelry

I sort of started underground + BOUND on a whim. Contagiously creative & rather crafty, I began making a couple pieces of jewelry for my personal collection after I couldn’t seem to find exactly what I was looking for in any retail stores. I never originally intended for it to be more than just a pleasurable pastime, but after countless compliments I received while wearing my creations & requests from friends, family & complete strangers for items of their own, I decided to turn the leisure activity I loved into a legitimate business.

Thus, underground + BOUND was born – my artistic imagination coming to life.

Similar to watching a circus act, creating my collection has been both terrifying & exciting at the same time. The balancing act of building a new business while juggling my normal day-to-day responsibilities has been challenging at times; but seeing it all come together and introducing my work for the first time has been met with equal feelings of relief & exhilaration!

Always curious, passionate & in-motion, not a minute goes by that I’m not brainstorming something for the business. From conception to distribution, I relish in the entire creative process that goes into making each & every piece in my collection. From initiating a design in my mind to picking out the perfect materials to make it, the many hours spent cutting leather, manipulating metals, intricately knotting, stitching stones & bones – seeing my pieces evolve from what was once just a drawing on paper to a product ready for someone to purchase is such a satisfying feeling. I pride myself in offering unique designs made of quality materials & strive to create authentic connections with my customers. Whether it’s creating compelling marketing materials or collaborating with customers on custom pieces, shipping merchandise or sharing inspirational photos on social media, I truly enjoy being a one-woman operation.

Click on the photos below to see these item, and others, listed on Etsy!

handmade black fringe brass studded bull boho necklaceAntique Brass Studded Bull Skull Black Genuine Deerskin Leather Fringe Statement Necklace

clear quartz crystal black leather open collar necklaceClear Quartz Crystal Genuine Deerskin Black Leather Wrapped Open Collar Necklace

Black Deerskin Leather Studded Fringe NecklaceBlack Genuine Deerskin Leather Hand-Cut Fringe Antique Brass Studded Statement Necklace

Black Leather Macrame & Deer Antler Fringe NecklaceGenuine Deer Antler Black Leather Diamond Macramé Statement Fringe Necklace/Wall Hanging

Agate Stone & Cognac Leather Braided Tassel NecklaceGenuine Buckskin & Saddle Brown Deerskin Leather Natural Banded Agate Stone Braided Lariat Tassel Necklace

If you like what you see, be sure to stay connected with my brand new brand via the social media links below…
Instagram: undergroundandbound
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/undrgroundbound/

And as always, I love feedback, so leave a comment & let me know what you think of my designs!

New Year Quote

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I know I cannot wait to see what this New Year brings for me & my new business. May your coming year be filled with health, happiness, magic & lots of new dreams!!!


When Life Stresses Me Out, My Market Keeps Me Sane

Some people go to the gym to blow off some steam, others get manis, pedis, or massages to decompress from stress; I – go shopping. My life has been feeling quite hectic lately: there’s always somewhere I have to be, something I have to do, and 10 things I wish I would’ve gotten done before the day is through.

Sunday’s are my one free day during the week to play catch-up on stuff or do whatever I please. Conveniently, the Randolph Street Holiday Market was happening this last weekend, so Sunday, I set aside everything I had to do and spent my ‘me’ day at my favorite market. :) It felt nice to disregard my ‘to do’ list for the day and get lost among unique pieces from the past. A few hours of looking at fabulous furs, drowning yourself in drawers of amazing accessories, and sorting through interesting vintage oddities…and you’d forget about the stress of all you have to do too! See for yourself…

  Fabulous Furs

Dior Fur (1)

Dior Fur (2)Wanna drop $3500 on Dior?

                                                                            Drowned in DrawersDrawers upon drawers to go through!

Seeing GreenFilled with all kinds of accessories to try on :)

Vintage Findings

Gold Accessories


Bunch of Vintage Bracelets


After juggling jobs & running around all week, there’s nothing better than spending the day by myself – doing my own thing, at my own pace, with no one to report to, and no place I got to be. Simply searching…searching for tiny treasures hidden among all the random things :)

Skinned Zebra Rug (1)

Skinned Zebra Rug (3)Skinned Zebra rug, complete with eye socket still attached anyone? Only $1000!

Tiny People PotsTiny People Pots

Turtle ShellsTurtle shells?!?

Cork Handbags (2)

Cork Handbags (3)Cool Cork Handbags!

It never fails…I always find something! Check out the neat pieces I got this month –

Vintage Fish Pendant

Vintage Fish Pendant (2)

Vintage Fish Pendant (3)Here fishy fishy! This colorful fish pendant looks kind of like a lure found in a tackle box, and it flops back & forth like the real thing.

 Sterling Silver Poison Ring (2)

Sterling Silver Poison Ring (1)This is a poison ring – the top opens up & the center of the ring is actually a small secret compartment!

(It only seemed fitting to use the artistic vintage floral design on my daily planner as a background for the pictures in this post :)

Shopping probably isn’t the best way to relieve stress; (in fact, if you do too much of it it’s probably the cause of some of your stress) but I’d pass up a pedicure & polish change to peruse my market any day of the week. And rest assured, I wouldn’t trade in any of my one-of-a-kind finds for a few miles on the treadmill!!

What’s your stress reliever when you’re feeling bogged down by life?

Randolph Street Market ReCap…

See…I promised I’d promptly follow-up my last post with a recap of my trip to the Randolph Street Market. I’ve resisted the urge to go up to my pool during this current heat wave in an effort to remain productive…but now that this post is done, it’s time for me to catch some sun!  Here’s my recap from Randolph Street Market last month…

I hopped on the complementary trolley on Michigan Avenue to get to-and-from the market; sadly, it only runs during the summer months, but it makes getting over to Plumbers Hall in the West Loop much easier. The rest of the year – I  ride the bus, then transfer to the train, then walk a couple blocks. I’ve got the route down now…but my first couple trips left me wandering around wondering where to go in the middle of winter! (I think my one & only complaint would be the lack of signage around the area. My poor sense of direction combined with the cobweb intersections have left me lost on several occasions!)

Trolly to the Market

One of my favorite outdoor vendors from last year, Woman Shops World, showcased this magical unicorn tapestry within her space, among an array of other beautiful textiles, trim & beads. When we were catching up she filled me in on her upcoming new business venture and I can’t wait to share it with you once it launches!

Colorful Unicorn Tapestry - Copy

I also stopped by another one of my favorite designers from last summer, Theresa Wangia, to see what beautiful new leather & stone creations she added to her collection, Beltshazzar Jewels, since the last time I saw her.

Beltshazzar Jewels Leather & Stone Accessories

Beltshazzar Jewels Leather & Stone Accessories

Beltshazzar Jewels Leather & Stone Accessories

I think these African artifacts are absolutely amazing! The attention-to-detail that must have gone into these meticulous wood carvings and beautifully beaded objects is just astounding. Each tiny seed bead is strung in a sequence to create these colorful creations – just try to imagine the amount of time it must have took to string each little piece into place…and the fact that these items have held up against the test of time – again, it’s amazing! The intricate works of art inspired me to buy some trade beads and make something myself! (however, not nearly as complex as the originals) There were so many to choose from – between brass and bone, paper or stone, big or small, cylindrical tubes  or perforated balls…

African Carvings

African Beaded Artifacts (10)

African Beaded Artifacts (12)

African Beaded Artifacts (11)

African Trade Beads

African Trade Beads (2)

Got a Green Thumb? Living in the city doesn’t give you much of an opportunity to grow a garden; but that recently changed thanks to the terrarium trend! This vendor was selling a surplus of succulents to choose from.

Succulent Plants (2)

Succulent Plants (3)

Succulent Plants (1)

There’s always a ton of things to go in your home…

Vintage Chandaliers (1)Add a touch of vintage elegance  with one of these crystal chandeliers

Reclaimed Ribbon Lamp ShadeI thought this re-purposed ribbon lamp shade was a definite winner!

Chain-link coffee tableThis unique chain link coffee table is the perfect center (and conversation) piece

These super cool clutches & cross-body bags were my favorite find at the market this time! They’re made by a designer in Marrakesh out of recycled inner tubes! These one-of-a-kind avant-garde accessories are edgy, innovative, and completely unique. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to walk down the street carrying one of these cool creations!

Intertube Clutches & Crossbody bags (1)

Intertube Clutches & Crossbody bags (2)

And then of course, there is  always the completely random & incredibly odd items that make you wonder, ‘why would someone save that,’ and even more puzzling, ‘who would want to buy that’…

Bronze Boots These bronze metal boots weren’t made for walkin’ :/

A Lifesize Nativity KingChristmas could come early with this Nativity King

An Anatomy ManNeed to freshen up on your anatomy? The inside-out guy could help!

Old Doll PartsPurchase only the parts…

SkeletonOr the whole skeletal thing!

Animal Mounts (3)Humans remains not your thing? Then how about a new stuffed animal

Creepy 3-D AliensWould you want to come home to these creepy 3-D aliens coming out of your wall?

Gandolf the Wizard carved in WoodWhat about Gandulf the Wizard carved from wood?

 As always, I had so much fun at the market! With over 300 vendors, a variety of food to choose from, and all-day acoustic entertainment – I’d say this is a decent way to spend a summer day!

Randolph Street Market (1)

Live Music at the Vintage Market

Only two more weeks and it’s time to go again :)

Vintage Treasures Aren’t the Only Thing of Value at Randolph Market – the Vendors are too!

What better way to spend this dreary day in March…than at the Randolph Market, of course!

Randolph Street Market

Yup, my favorite time of the month rolled around once again; but this time, I took much more than a few vintage pieces away from my trip to the market!

I’ve started to establish relationships with some of the vendors that I come back to visit every month. They know what I like, they know what I’m looking for, and they’re willing to bring me what I want – what more could you ask for?!? Space is limited inside Plumbers Hall so obviously vendors only bring a small selection of what’s in their collection. I’ve recently started on a new project (yes, another project, that yes, I’m going to keep a secret for now :)), so I spoke with some of the merchants last month to see if they could help me find what I’m searching for. Not only did they bring me pieces that were perfect this month, they’re bringing more next month, and also offered up other insider connections as well! One very generous vendor, from whom I’ve bought several pieces from in the past, gave me one of her VIP Access Passes to the International Antiques Fair happening later this month! An invite to the opening night party + access to special events (like a tour of the jewelry at the fair led by vintage jewelry expert Ellie Thompson) + 3-day admission passes for the fair featuring over 100 of the world’s best dealers, filling the Merchandise Mart with an array of art, antiques & jewelry = of course I’ll be there!

But that’s not all! At last month’s market I was debating over which Bakelite ring I wanted to buy. Yellow rose?

My Vintage Finds - Randolph Street Market - Bakelite Ring

Or, green rose?

My Vintage Finds - Randolph Street Market - Bakelite Ring

Yellow rose…green rose…tough choice, I know ;) (Hey, after a long day of looking at a lot of stuff, you’d have a hard time deciding too!) Regardless, when the dealer accidentally dropped the gold floral ring on the ground, breaking it into pieces, my mind was ultimately made up…I’d be going with the green (but yes, yellow was my 1st choice). After finding all the scattered, shattered pieces, she so kindly offered to glue the ring back together and give it to me for free this month if she was able to fix it. She did – and because of the ring’s detailed carving you can’t even tell it was once ruined! It was so nice of her to do so; so now, I guess my debate continues on a daily basis – yellow rose…green rose…or, both? :/

My Vintage Finds - Randolph Street Market - Bakelite Ring

Here are some of the snapshots from my day at the market…

Randolph Street Market - Vintage FindsI was trippin’ out over all the cool stuff I saw, including this standout ‘shroom necklace!

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds An old-school paint-by-numbers = so cool!

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds Sterling silver rings…I will never have enough!!!

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds Hand-woven rug circa 1890’s

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds   Randolph Street Market - Hand-made Cowhide Rug (3)

Randolph Street Market - Hand-made Cowhide Rug (4)Said to have been made of cattle from the psychedelic 60’s (ok, not really) this colorful custom-made cowhide area rug was hand-stitched in Brazil and has a price tag of $700.

Randolph Street Market - Hand-made Cowhide Rug (1)

Randolph Street Market - Hand-made Cowhide Rug (2)If you’re not into the bright…then go with the white for half the price ($450)

So, what did I go home with (and pay for) this month? Well…

My Vintage Finds - Randolph Street Market (3)A namesake “E” ring for my last initial!

My Vintage Finds - Randolph Street Market (4)A intricate hand-woven embroidered tapestry from the 1950’s

My Vintage Finds - Randolph Street Market (2)Another Native American accessory

…and a unique gift for my sister, who’s birthday was earlier this month!

What has to wait til next month?

Randolph Street Market - Vintage FindsThis amazing hand-woven embroidered chenille tapestry – delightful vintage floral motif, super soft with a slight sheen, impeccable quality with an intricate design. One day…someday…soon I hope…

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday like I did!

Sunday Funday at the Randolph Street Market

It’s the 1st Sunday in February and while football fans have been looking forward to today for months because of the Super Bowl, I’ve been looking forward to today for a completely different reason – the Randolph Street Market! Forget about the big game, I’ve got shopping to do! Instead of watching people run around with a football; I spent my day rummaging through rows & rows of vintage jewelry, clothing & home décor.

Randolph Street Market - Chicago

The Randolph Street Market started back up this weekend after taking a 2-month break. And despite the cold, vendors filled the inside of Plumbers Hall with unique antiques and shoppers showed up to see what they had. From fur coats to floor lamps, broaches to buttons, artwork & artifacts, there was a wide variety of vintage, and surely something for everyone. Here’s a look at what I spent my day looking at…

Randolph St Market - Clutches

Randolph St Market - Palm ChairNeed a hand? :)

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (1)

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry Now that’s a necklace!

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (3)

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (8)

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (9)

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (10)Silver, gold. Sparkle or pearl…again, something for everyone!

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (11)

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (14)God Bless the U.S!

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (15)

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (16)

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (17)

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (18)

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (19)

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (22)

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds (2)

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Weaving Loom

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds (4)

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Head

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds

Randolph Street Market - Vintage Finds (7)How neat is this? With a burlap sack & a few sticks you could make this yourself, it would be perfect for a little girl’s playtime imagination.

Randolph St Market - Vintage JewelryTons of turq!

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (12)

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (21)Vintage cameos

Randolph St Market - Vintage Jewelry (13)

And out of all that I went home with this…

Roaring Bear RingMy RrrraaaRRRRRRRRR Ring!

I saw this sterling silver roaring bear’s head the last time I went but didn’t buy it. Since it was still there the second time around I had to scoop it up. Talk about a statement piece that’s fabulous and fierce!

Tiger Print Embroidery

Apparently I was all about the animals today because I also bought the embroidered tiger print on the left. I’ve got a project in mind and have been on the hunt for old needlepoints & embroidery pieces.  I love the intricate stitching and his textured furry face. It’ll be perfect for my project! …don’t worry, I’ll be sure to show you when I’m done. :)