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Ways to Wear It: Adorn the Horns

I’ve been playing around with different ways to wear the vintage floral print mounted deer skull graphic tank top I bought from Urban Outfitters awhile back. The muted hues within the earth tone color scheme (including ivory, charcoal, shades of dusty rose, olive, & goldenrod) made it pretty easy to coordinate with other separates.

Vintage Floral Deer Skull Tank

With the skull shirt being the statement piece to work the rest of the ensemble around, I must say – I surprisingly came up with a lot ways to wear my boho-inspired basic! From dressing it up to keeping it casual, check out all the different ways I can adorn the horns…

Skull Tank, Black Moto Jeans, Gold Cardi, Burg Pony SneakersOutfit #1: Keepin’ it casual – layered underneath my Anthropologie gold fine-knit cardigan and paired with Free People washed black seamed moto skinnys. Worn with my Bordeaux pony hair high-top sneakers from Anthro.

Floral Skull, Olive Skinnys, Lace Cardi, Moto Jacket

Outfit #2: Another laid-back look – layered underneath my Anthropologie ivory lace tunic top (worn unbuttoned & backwards as a cardigan) and paired with H&M olive green skinny jeans. Worn with my Free Bird ivory pony hair/black leather booties and Anthro textured satchel.

Skull Tank, Burg pants, sequin blazer

Outfit #3: Casual with a bit of glam – here I layered the graphic tank underneath my Gypsy Junkies gold sequin blazer and paired it with Free People burgundy seamed skinnys. Worn with my black lace-up leather booties.

Skull tank, dk denim, forest lace blazer

Outfit #4: Here’s a mix of business & pleasure – the fitted blazer is a tad more formal, but the lace texture & sparkly sneakers keep the look fun & fresh. Layered underneath my Free People forest green lace blazer and paired with dark denim skinnys. Worn with my Steve Madden gold glittery sneakers.

Floral Skull, Pink Tiered Tulle Tutu

Outfit #5: Fun & Festive – layered underneath my Anthropologie olive green thin-knit cardigan and paired with my Free People light pink tulle tiered maxi skirt. Worn with my Free Bird ivory pony hair/black leather booties and a vintage tapestry clutch.

**I wore this outfit to a friend’s Christmas party. The invited called for “festive attire”. It might have been a bit of a stretch, but this was my interpretation of ‘festive attire’ – I thought the antler tank somewhat resembles a reindeer (sort of…a little….maybe??…. :/), green (well, in my case, olive green) is a Christmas color – so that works, and nothing screams festive like a full-length pink tutu party skirt (am I right?!) To finish off the look & drive home the ‘festiveness’ of the ensemble, I accessorized the outfit by wearing a big jingle bell necklace – aka a sleight bell wreath around my neck. I don’t know that I had everyone convinced on my “festive attire,” but I gave myself credit for trying…and I got to wear my pink party skirt :) (not many opportunities calling for a frou-frou tutu these days!)

Skull Tank, Burg Blazer, Ivory Bloomers, Floral Lita Booties

Outfit #6: Takin’ it up a notch – this tank top is actually a bit longer in length. I typically tie it up one side, but could also leave it hang. Here I layered the graphic top under my Free People rust-colored velvet blazer and paired it with my Free People ivory lace-trim silky bloomers so that the lace peaks out from underneath. Worn with some near-sheer black stockings and my Jeffrey Campbell tapestry Lita booties. The vintage floral motif is almost a perfect match to the fabric my shoe-booties are made. Coincidence?…or well conceived :)

Floral Skull, FairIsle Shorts, Bordeaux Booties

Outfit #7: Another combo that coincidentally coordinates – layered underneath my gold thin-knit cardigan and paired it with my Free People Fair Isle wool shorts. Worn with my Jeffrey Campbell Bordeaux leather booties. Color scheme of the motif = colors within the patterned shorts – check!

Skull & Shorts
Outfit # 8, 9, & 10: Sticking with shorts, here are a couple other options I could pair & wear.

Skull & Lace
Outfit #11: Like the lace, but want to play around with the length…can do! From a touch of lace barely visible along the bottom to a full length maxi skirt, I can embrace the lace at any length!

And as long as were considering our options – here are some other statement soles that would look good with my statement skull shirt…

Skull Tank Lita Booties

Annnd, I didn’t really accessorize any of the outfits…but if I were going to, I’d probably pick one of the antler accessories that’s part of my underground + BOUND collection – that way I could adorn a real version of the animal on my apparel!. Or I could mimic the motif and wear my black fringe studded bull bib necklace.

Antler Motif Shirt & Antler Accessories

Welp, there you have it – 11 different ways to wear my boho-basic!

Which way is your fav?


New Format…but not because of a Fashion Falling-Out!

As I start to refocus on my blog & pump out more post you’ll probably notice I’ve made a few changes – the most major being the images you see. Instead of styling each outfit & photographing it on my mannequin, Lola, I’ve started creating clothing collages made up of all the elements in the ensemble. Think very Polyvore-esque.

To do this I had to first take a picture of each and every article of clothing & accessory I own. Yep, that means E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

– Every tank top, t-shirt, blouse, sweater, blazer, jacket
– Every pair of pants, shorts, skirt
– Every onesie, every dress
– Every hat & handbag
– Every scarf, belt, pair of shoes & boots
– Every bangle, every cuff, necklace, ring, earring – even those pesky little studs
– Every pair of dressy stockings, tights & any other necessary undergarments (within reason – obviously I’m not going to put my panties out on blast for everyone to see :/)

Then, using Photoshop I edited each image to remove the background.           Time consuming? Touché

Bandana Dress

Mismatched Earrings

It sounds like a lot of work…and I’m not gonna lie – it was! It was quite the undertaking at first! There were times I questioned if what I was doing was worth it; but, piece-by-piece I persevered. And what I have now is a database for getting dressed!

Clothing CatalogWhen I last backed up my computer I had over 2,500 files in my “clothing catalog”. To be clear – I don’t own 2,500 things! There are duplicates, detail shots, and I took multiple photos if there were multiple ways to wear something.

Floral Print Red Kimono top

But now that all of the initial grunt work is done, when I go to style an outfit, all I have to do is drag & drop the individual “floating” garments into a collage, similar to the way one would when getting dressed.

Bandana Dress

In the end, it’s actually quite an efficient way of doing things! Before, I would steam everything, get Lola dressed, then pin, tuck, or tape things to make sure it looks good (some of the manipulation tactics I’ve come up with are rather clever :), move my furniture out of the way, then wait until the perfect time of day to have a photo shoot – when there’s just the right amount of natural light (when the sun’s not too bright that it creates a glare, but it’s not too dark out that it casts shadows). That ‘ideal time’ is usually during early to mid-afternoon (but now that it gets dark so early there’s an even shorter window of opportunity), which is not very conducive for someone who works during the day. :/


However, now, with my new system in place – I can create new looks whenever I want! Whether its 10am or 2am, I can jump on my computer, open up my fashion files, & style!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Talk about a streamlined approach to styling! It’s clean, consistent, & straightforward. I use this format for the look books I create for clients. It truly is a fool-proof guide to getting dressed!

So…what do you think of the new look?

BTW – Don’t worry, Lola and I didn’t have a complete fashion falling-out! She still gets a lot of love with other projects I’m working on…and she’ll comeback for a cameo in future posts :)

Styling to Take Center Stage Once Again

I’m embarrassed to admit that it has been for-ev-ER since I’ve published a new post! It wasn’t my intention to put my blog on the back burner & I know taking such a long break from the blogosphere is a big no-no; but, what can I say, it’s easy to lose track of time and before I realized it, months have gone by since I’ve pressed the publish button.

My extended hiatus has to do with a number of things, those being 1) struggling with a bit of writers block (happens to us all), 2) spending little time at home (transcribing your thoughts is one thing, taking pictures to support what you’re saying another, then editing the images, and finally sitting down at a computer to combine all of the parts. Then there’s proofreading, making the necessary changes, rereading it again…you get the idea), 3) my introduction to Photoshop (learning how to use the program is a feat in & of itself; but once you know how to use all of the functions it’s hard to stop playing around with all of the features – leading to hours spent of altering photos!) And 4) yet another exciting new endeavor that I’ve been working on – which I’ll be sharing with you shortly :)

But enough with all that! Even though I haven’t shared any new stuff with you lately that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped styling! I have a back log of looks that I’m excited to show you!

So on that note, here’s a “casual comeback” outfit I came up with a couple weeks ago. Here I paired my Free People plaid corduroy skinnys (a fabric which also makes a comeback during the Fall/Winter season), with my ivory “rockin’ the stage” graphic tank from Urban Outfitters layered underneath an Anthropologie fine-knit cardigan. When I wore this outfit originally I was able to opt out of outerwear entirely (a nice option to have at the end of October), but now that it’s December that’s no longer the case. Depending on the chill factor I add on the necessary layers. In early fall, I got away with just wearing my dark brown moto jacket, but now that it’s gotten a lot colder, I throw on my Arden B brown faux fur vest for a little extra insulation.

Plaid Paints, Rock Band Tee, Olive Cardi

The rich burgundy hue from within the primary plaid bottoms really brings out the tonal shades of red from within the rock band cotton top. Although it would’ve coordinated seamlessly, I thought the gold grandpa cardigan that I have would’ve been a little too matchy-matchy; so I went with a muted, earthy olive one instead.

Plaid Paints, Rock Band Tee, Gold Cardi

For accessories, I stick with my usual suspects (my pocket knife pendant, forearm cuff & fist full of rings) and add on my ivory leather & gold metal mismatched earrings when I’m not wearing the fur vest (it gets to be too much going on if I wear them both). For footwear, like my layers, in the fall I went with my tonal tan Sperry’s and with winter – my brown buckle boots from Free People.

Rock Band Combo Compare
Which combo do you prefer – the matchy-matchy gold cardi that coordinates perfectly with the plaid pants or the alternative autumnal shade of olive that slightly off-sets the color scheme?

Alcohol-Inspired Attire: My Delirium Tremens Top

I often nickname things in my wardrobe if they remind me of certain something. Here are a couple favorites from my closet…

Nicknamed ClothingMy most recent pet name I made up is for this piece…

I call this my ‘Delirium Tremens’ top. No – not because I was drunk when I bought it (which, for the record, I wasn’t!) but because of the tiny purple elephant print all over it. I bought the gauzy button-down blouse on sale at Anthropologie awhile back & it’s been one of my favorites ever since!

Voted “Best Beer in the World” back in 2008, Delirium Tremens is a Belgium golden ale produced by Brouwerij Huyghe in Meile, Belgium. With an above average 8.5% ABV, one beer connoisseur describes the classic strong ale as having a “light, fruity sweetness and tangy tart notes followed by a dry slightly bitter finish.”delirium-bottle1-440x570The beer’s name originates from the medical condition delirium tremors, or “the DT’s” indicating a violent sickness induced by alcohol withdrawal. Sufferers of “the trembling madness” are thought to hallucinate pink elephants, cats, dogs & snakes. The imaginary pink elephants have become widely known as Delirium Tremen’s unmistakable logo on the brews unique packaging, a bottle painted to resemble Cologne ceramics.


Similar to the logo, my distinctive way of dressing can sometimes come across as unmistakable & unique…and with my love of mixing prints, creatively combining colors & layering on tons of texture, I admit, I may look like I’ve lost my mind from time to time. But I swear I haven’t (at least not yet!) Check out some of the different ways I dressed my ‘Delirium Tremens’ top….

Here I paired my elephants with basic black leggings, a southwestern-print scarf, riding boots, and my forest green fringe bag.

Elephant Blouse, Black Leggings, Southwestern Scarf Purple Elephant Top, Southwestern Scarf, Riding BootsOne has to be carefully when wearing so many statement pieces all at the same time, otherwise the outfit becomes overwhelming. But in this instance, instead of competing with one another, I think the standout pieces combine to create an eclectic ensemble.

Or, maybe I am a bit delusional?!

Here I paired my ethnic-inspired elephant top with elegant oriental damask-print indigo & coral cords.

elephant top, damask cords
I can’t really begin to explain what I was thinking when I these two pieces together. For some reason, I just thought the juxtaposing prints worked well with each other – something about the contrasting style vibes within the clothing compliments the quirky combo.

I can however, tell you my thought process behind creating this stylish ensemble…Here I tucked my purple elephant top into a pair of olive high-waisted wool shorts. I layered my brown fur vest on top for some added texture and accessorized the look with a simple orange marble-stone pendant necklace.

Elephant Blouse, Olive Shorts, Fur Vest

Purple Elephant Top, Fur Vest, Olive Wool ShortsSo, what was I thinking???…

This outfit is based off one of the classic harmonious color schemes – a triad color harmony. A triad color arrangement is when you incorporate three colors that are equally spaced from each other on the 12-hue color wheel. Example: violet, orange & green.

Complementary Color Combo

See……………………I haven’t lost my mind :)

Keeping along the lines of creative color combos, here I layered the purple elephants underneath my rust-colored velvet blazer from Free People. There’s just something about purple & red together that always catches my eye.


elephant top, velvet blazerI may be going out on a limb with this one…pairing the purple elephants with a red & black classic plaid pencil skirt.

Elephant Blouse & Plaid Pencil Skirt Elephant Top, plaid pencil skirtIt has similar styling elements from the ensembles above (opposing prints = ethnic/traditional and pairing purple & red together). I’m not 100% sold on the outfit; but hey, playing around is part of the fun when it comes to styling!

Evolving your personal sense of style is all about experimenting when putting outfits together. You don’t always have to wear them outside the house, but you’d be surprised with what you come up once you start working with your wardrobe. Crack open a bottle of Delirium while you’re playing dress up & you’re destined to create an unmistakable look just like the logo!

What do you think? Am I hallucinating when thinking these looks actually look good?

Disclaimer: This post does not condone the consumption of alcohol while deciding what you’re going to wear.

Sunday Funday at Pitchfork Music Festival

Last week was a busy week for me and once again, I’ve got a lot to catch you guys up on! I’ll start with Pitchfork Music Festival in this first post. Thank you to everyone who voted on which outfit you thought I should wear to the festival last Sunday. The outfit that received the most votes was this one…

Anthropologie Chevron Suit, Dad's Plaid & Cut-Offs (3)

Although I love this look, I didn’t go with this outfit for the festival. The strapless top is perfect for during the day when the sun’s out (no awkward tan lines!) and my father’s blue plaid button-down is great to cover-up with after the sun sets. The only issue is that, if you recall, the chevron top is actually a one-piece swimsuit. In reference to the restroom factor when choosing the best festival fashion, this ensemble would be a nightmare – there’s just way too many things going on! If you undress it, you’d have to untie & take of the button-down top (and find some place to set it), drop the denim cut-offs, and shimmy out of the one-piece suit in the port-a-potty. That’s a lot of fussing around with your fashion in not a lot of space; and there’s no way you’re going to do all that in one breathe!

So what did I wear? I opted for this outfit…


I’ve had this vintage floral-motif top from Free People for a while. The print is playful & fun, the sheer material is breezy, and as the high-low hemline trend is starting to taper, I figured I wear it while I still can. The olive wool hat from Topshop shielded me from the sun (and the rain) and the fuchsia allowed me to be hands-free, while also adding other pops of color & texture to the outfit.

I had a relaxing day sitting in the grass listening to the live music. There were also vintage resale, accessories, and artwork vendors to browse through if you wanted to get away from the stage and tons of food options to choose from. I’ve been to a few festivals at Union Park so I’m pretty familiar with the layout of the grounds. I strategically set myself in between the two main stages so I could toggle back and forth between sets and still be near the front. I was really looking forward to seeing MIA perform. I was a bit disappointed because they were having a lot of sound issues. The mic cut in and out & speakers screeched – but she still put on a good show. R. Kelly closed out the night and also put on a good performance. He played through a string of his hit songs and adlibbed some pretty funny songs in the off time. Here are some of my pics from the festival…

Festival Vendors

Food Vendors

Art Vendors

Pitchfork Performer

MIA Performance

MIA (1)

CrowdSo many people!

MIA Put Your Hands Up

R. Kelly Performance

R. Kelly

View from up closeWhile it’s fun to get up close to the stage…you’re usually left staring at the back of someone’s head.

Stage & Skyscraper!Sometimes it’s better view from a bit farther back. The stage & the skyscraper – such a pretty sight!

HoopDancers.jpgOne day I will be this good!

The aftermathThe Aftermath

Fallen FlopThe fallen flop. I bet this guy wished he would’ve worn different shoes!

Flood of People Leaving PitchforkFollowing the festival – the sea of people waiting for CTA

If you voted for one of the other outfits, here are my thoughts on some of those…

All-Saints Twisted Fringe Top & Cut-Offs (2)

This was the runner-up outfit for the festival. I love this look because the cotton top & cut-offs are comfy and casual, while the twisted trim & fringe are a fun, playful touch.

Free People Wildcard Tank Top & Cut-Offs (2)

I love this look as well (I suppose shouldn’t say that for all of them…but I really do :) Again, the cotton graphic top and denim shorts are a simply styled go-to. I’ve already worn this outfit to two festivals this summer, so I went with something else.


Say ‘Hello’ to my fashion friend! Yet again, with the easy-going cotton graphic & cut-offs. The strand of stone brings out the green in her eyes while the fuchsia fanny pack picks up on the tone throughout the top.


I like the muted hues & mix of patterns throughout this ensemble, but an ivory maxi skirt at a music festival = huge mistake. There’s no shot I would’ve made it through the day without someone stepping on it & ripping it or staining the skirt!

Urban Outfitters antique-motif kimono with band graphic tee and cut-off denim shorts (2)

Another great look and popular pick! I don’t really know what else to say…other that I love it!

Urban Outfitters red floral tank with navajo shorts (1)

This is my schizophrenic styled outfit. The red, vintage-motif top and black & white Navajo-print shorts are complete opposites…but for some reason, I think look stylish when worn together. I wore this to WaveFront so I went with something else.

Gold Maxi Dress &  Navajo-Print Scarf


A maxi dress with a scarf has been my standard outfit this summer. It’s simple & stylish, soft & still sexy. Something great about this outfit is that you have the option to take the scarf off and use it as a blanket. Simply unwrap it from around your neck and set the fabric swatch from Free People on the ground to sit on…it’s so big, you can even invite a friend to join you!

Urban Outfitters black & ivory navajo print jumper (1)

I said it in my initial post…rompers in regards to restrooms at a music festival are not a good idea. Enough said.

Now that you know what outfit I wore…which of these would you have worn to Pitchfork if you could pick one? Send me a comment with your choice and why!