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Ways to Wear It: Adorn the Horns

I’ve been playing around with different ways to wear the vintage floral print mounted deer skull graphic tank top I bought from Urban Outfitters awhile back. The muted hues within the earth tone color scheme (including ivory, charcoal, shades of dusty rose, olive, & goldenrod) made it pretty easy to coordinate with other separates.

Vintage Floral Deer Skull Tank

With the skull shirt being the statement piece to work the rest of the ensemble around, I must say – I surprisingly came up with a lot ways to wear my boho-inspired basic! From dressing it up to keeping it casual, check out all the different ways I can adorn the horns…

Skull Tank, Black Moto Jeans, Gold Cardi, Burg Pony SneakersOutfit #1: Keepin’ it casual – layered underneath my Anthropologie gold fine-knit cardigan and paired with Free People washed black seamed moto skinnys. Worn with my Bordeaux pony hair high-top sneakers from Anthro.

Floral Skull, Olive Skinnys, Lace Cardi, Moto Jacket

Outfit #2: Another laid-back look – layered underneath my Anthropologie ivory lace tunic top (worn unbuttoned & backwards as a cardigan) and paired with H&M olive green skinny jeans. Worn with my Free Bird ivory pony hair/black leather booties and Anthro textured satchel.

Skull Tank, Burg pants, sequin blazer

Outfit #3: Casual with a bit of glam – here I layered the graphic tank underneath my Gypsy Junkies gold sequin blazer and paired it with Free People burgundy seamed skinnys. Worn with my black lace-up leather booties.

Skull tank, dk denim, forest lace blazer

Outfit #4: Here’s a mix of business & pleasure – the fitted blazer is a tad more formal, but the lace texture & sparkly sneakers keep the look fun & fresh. Layered underneath my Free People forest green lace blazer and paired with dark denim skinnys. Worn with my Steve Madden gold glittery sneakers.

Floral Skull, Pink Tiered Tulle Tutu

Outfit #5: Fun & Festive – layered underneath my Anthropologie olive green thin-knit cardigan and paired with my Free People light pink tulle tiered maxi skirt. Worn with my Free Bird ivory pony hair/black leather booties and a vintage tapestry clutch.

**I wore this outfit to a friend’s Christmas party. The invited called for “festive attire”. It might have been a bit of a stretch, but this was my interpretation of ‘festive attire’ – I thought the antler tank somewhat resembles a reindeer (sort of…a little….maybe??…. :/), green (well, in my case, olive green) is a Christmas color – so that works, and nothing screams festive like a full-length pink tutu party skirt (am I right?!) To finish off the look & drive home the ‘festiveness’ of the ensemble, I accessorized the outfit by wearing a big jingle bell necklace – aka a sleight bell wreath around my neck. I don’t know that I had everyone convinced on my “festive attire,” but I gave myself credit for trying…and I got to wear my pink party skirt :) (not many opportunities calling for a frou-frou tutu these days!)

Skull Tank, Burg Blazer, Ivory Bloomers, Floral Lita Booties

Outfit #6: Takin’ it up a notch – this tank top is actually a bit longer in length. I typically tie it up one side, but could also leave it hang. Here I layered the graphic top under my Free People rust-colored velvet blazer and paired it with my Free People ivory lace-trim silky bloomers so that the lace peaks out from underneath. Worn with some near-sheer black stockings and my Jeffrey Campbell tapestry Lita booties. The vintage floral motif is almost a perfect match to the fabric my shoe-booties are made. Coincidence?…or well conceived :)

Floral Skull, FairIsle Shorts, Bordeaux Booties

Outfit #7: Another combo that coincidentally coordinates – layered underneath my gold thin-knit cardigan and paired it with my Free People Fair Isle wool shorts. Worn with my Jeffrey Campbell Bordeaux leather booties. Color scheme of the motif = colors within the patterned shorts – check!

Skull & Shorts
Outfit # 8, 9, & 10: Sticking with shorts, here are a couple other options I could pair & wear.

Skull & Lace
Outfit #11: Like the lace, but want to play around with the length…can do! From a touch of lace barely visible along the bottom to a full length maxi skirt, I can embrace the lace at any length!

And as long as were considering our options – here are some other statement soles that would look good with my statement skull shirt…

Skull Tank Lita Booties

Annnd, I didn’t really accessorize any of the outfits…but if I were going to, I’d probably pick one of the antler accessories that’s part of my underground + BOUND collection – that way I could adorn a real version of the animal on my apparel!. Or I could mimic the motif and wear my black fringe studded bull bib necklace.

Antler Motif Shirt & Antler Accessories

Welp, there you have it – 11 different ways to wear my boho-basic!

Which way is your fav?


Old Meets New: Ponchos & Printed Pants

See…this is exactly why I never get rid of my old stuff! These two ponchos have been hanging in my closet since the 7th grade! And after holding onto them for all these years, my old knit cover-ups from the GAP came in handy when styling my new printed cords from Free People.

Ivory Knit Poncho & FP Floral Print Cords (1)

Ivory Knit Poncho & FP Floral Print Cords (2)

Ivory Knit Poncho & FP Floral Print Cords (4)

The ivory poncho balances out these bold floral-print bottoms multiple ways in this outfit. The neutral color of the cover-up coordinates with the colorful cords, while still allowing them to be the focal point of the outfit. The knit’s sleek silhouette is oversized in shape allowing this piece to be comfy & chic, while the skinny leg of the cord bottoms shows that you still have a body underneath all that fabric.

Light Pink Knit Poncho & FP Plaid Pants (1)

Light Pink Knit Poncho & FP Plaid Pants (2)

Light Pink Knit Poncho & FP Plaid Pants (3)

Here, I paired my light pink poncho with my plaid corduroy pants. Even though there is none of the pastel within the pants, because it is a lighter shade of the base color, it still works to wear it with the bottoms…at least I think. :) What do you think?

Fashion acts like a revolving door – eventually everything comes back in style. You just never know,  something you wore years ago could be the next “in” thing tomorrow! Think about it…all of those flannel shirts from the 90’s grunge era, or how about those boho chic styles you wore back in the 70’s when you used to be a hippie? Don’t you wish you still had them to wear now?

Have you ever gotten rid of something that you later regretted? If so, were you able to find a replacement?…and was it as good as the original?

As far as I’m concerned, classic pieces like this can be kept in your closet forever – as long as it doesn’t show signs of damage the wardrobe wear-with-all is welcome whenever!

All About Embroidery in These Ensembles!

There are many elements of embroidery throughout these two ensembles!

Embroidery EnsemblesCrewelwork specifically! Crewel embroidery is a decorative form of surface embroidery that gives a raised appearance to the finished piece. Thought to have originated from the earliest Welsh spinners, the technique dates back over a thousand years; and while designs have developed over time, the general stitches have stayed the same. The free-style form has long been used on clothing, pillow cases, dish cloths, furniture and framed wall-decor.  I learned a lot about this art form and how to accurately apply the stitches to my own work from the book, Mastering the Art of Embroidery.

Mastering the Art of Embroidery

Now…on to the outfits…

Outfit #11:

Here I simply paired my All-Saints Spitalfields ivory embroidered top with my bronze embroidered pants from Free People.

All-Saints Embroidered Top & Free People Embroidered Pants

The casual cotton top showcases the ‘French Knot Stitch’. This particular stitch consists of small round knots that create tiny bubbles on the surface of the fabric; in this instance, the bubbles align to spell out the phrase, “The one whose hand I’m holding is the one who holds my heart.”

All-Saints Spitalfields Hand-Embroidered Knots Tee

The stem stitch, trellis work, and long & short stitches were combined to create the ornate design along the front of the vegan leather bottoms.

  Ornate Embroidery Embellishment on Bronze Vegan Leather

Ornate Embroidery Embellishment

Intricate Embroidery on Vegan Leather

For footwear I chose my gold beaded sandals from Anthropologie; the golden hue goes with the gold-threaded embroidery on the leg, while the tiny seed beads mimic the small stitches in the top.

Embroidered Top & Bottoms with Beaded Shoes

Outfit #12:

In this outfit, I paired a different ivory embroidered top, this one from Anthropologie, with the bronze bottoms underneath my hand-made crochet cover-up.

Anthropologie Floral-Embroidered Top & Free People Pants

Floral-Embroidered Top, Bronze Bottoms & Chevron Crochet Cover-Up

The different weights and tonal variations of the threads that make up the floral motif add depth & texture to the detailed design. I layered the multi-colored, Missoni-inspired wrap sweater my mom made me on top for those transitional times when it’s nice to have something to cover up with. The chevron crochet cover-up is a copycat of an old afghan I found at home – in a wearable size! Just like the blanket keeps me cozy when I’m on the couch…my mini version does when I’m out-and-about!

Do you have embroidery embellishments on any clothing you own? How about anything hanging in your home?

Clashing Separates Combine to Create these Creative, Quirky Outfits!

So, I took a short break from showing you all the different ways I styled my Free People bronze embroidered leather pants; but if you were keeping track, I’m up to 7 different outfits so far. I still have many more ways to show you and I’ll start out again with 2 outfits that, at first glance, might seem completely out-of-whack, but actually come together to make quite creative outfits!

These bold looks boast saturated hues, tailored silhouettes, and tons of texture! Both of these outfits are built from clashing separates that infuse a youthful attitude to an otherwise classic style. Check them out…

Outfit #1:

Anthropologie Plaid Shirt, Free People Lace Blazer & Bronze Embroidered Pants Plaid Shirt, Lace Blazer & Bronze Vegan Leather Bottoms

A Quirky Combo: Saturated Hues, Playful Print, Tailored Silhouette & Tons of Texture

Here I’ve paired my classic plaid button-down shirt from Anthropologie with the contemporary slim-cut embroidered cropped pants. To amp-up the ensemble another notch, I layered a fitted Free People lace blazer over the cotton top. The primary-colored plaid faintly peaks through the forest green lace in this colorful cloth collage of true hues, while the metallic bronze bottoms emit a slight iridescent sheen.

As the plaid pattern takes your eye on a maze, the burnout lace blazer and intricately embroidered vegan leather bottoms are tempting to touch – stimulating the senses in so many ways!

Outfit #2:

Free People Velvet Blazer, Chambray Shirt & Bronze Embroidered Bottoms

Chambray Shirt, Velvet Blazer & Bronze Vegan Leather Bottoms

A Quirky Combo: Spicy Hues, Tailored Silhouette & Tons of Texture

The elements of this second ensemble are similar to the first; but while this outfit may have a little less color, it makes up for in texture. Here I’ve layered my rust-colored velvet Free People blazer over a Free People chambray button-down shirt to go along with the bronze bottoms. The sumptuously soft velvet of this unstructured jacket falls loose for a relaxed fit, but the stiff vegan leather pants stay true to their structured slim-fit. The spicy autumnal hue and heavy-weight fabrics make this an ideal outfit for fall.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you that these outfits were a little whacky!

These quirky combinations definitely aren’t dull – but even with everything going on in the clothing; the most important component in pulling off these looks is confidence! Knowing you’re going to stand-out while walking down the street and being secure with that is the ultimate accessory in achieving exceptional personal style.

Do you have the confidence to pull off these audacious outfits, or are you more comfortable blending in with the crowd?

Opposites Attract: Sheer Shirts & Bold Bottoms

I’ve always been a fan of mixing delicate fabrics with harsher opposites – and that’s exactly what I’ve done in these next three outfits! Even though the Free People pants are vegan leather, a heavier material more suitable for the fall/winter season, the sheer fabric and pastel colors that I’ve paired with them help transition them into the spring/summer season. Have a look…

Outfit #1:

Urban Outfitters Sheer Pink Shirt, Free People Bronze Embroidered Pants & Jeffrey Campbell Floral Wedges

Pastel Pink Shirt & Bronze Vegan Leather Bottoms

Sheer Pink Shirt, Embroidered Pants, Hammered Stone Necklace & Floral Print Wedges

A Closer Look: Sheer Fabrics, Feminine Floral & Intricate Embroidery

My Jeffrey Campbell floral print platform wedges are the basis of which I created this outfit around. The bronze leather pants coincide with the light brown background of the sandals, while my pale pink button-down shirt from Urban Outfitters and light green hammered-stone necklace from Anthropologie bring out the pastel flowers that bloom on the vintage floral motif.

Outfit #2:

Urban Outfitters Sheer Mint Shirt, Anthropologie Purple Plaid Sweater & Free People Bronze Embroidered Pants

Mint Green Shirt, Purple Plaid Sweater & Bronze Vegan Leather Pants

Mint Green Shirt, Purple Plaid Sweater, Embroidered Pants, Amethyst Stone Necklace & Feather Pendant

A Closer Look: Playing with Pastels, Feminine Fabrics & Intricate Embroidery

My lightweight lavender plaid wrap sweater from Anthropologie is ideal for early spring; during those first few weeks after the initial warm-up when you can go without a jacket, but it’s still nice to have something to shield yourself from the cool breeze at times. When you take it off, layered underneath is Spring/Summer 2013’s hottest hue – mint!

Pastels are popular for spring in general, but it seems as though lighter shades of green – such as mint, sea foam, and pistachio have taken the #1 spot this season. Here I’ve paired a mint green sheer button-down shirt from Urban Outfitters with the iridescent bronze bottoms. An oversized amethyst stone necklace accessorizes the outfit and ties together the adorable combo.

*Yes, it’s the exact same shirt as the pale pink one in the outfit above, just in another color. Don’t judge me that I bought multiples of the same style – when it’s a basic silhouette and fits well, why not buy a couple! Plus, I got them on sale for only $17.95 apiece; it only makes sense to stock up on the timeless styles when they’re that cheap!

P.S. I have the same style shirt in black as well :)

P.P.S. Actually…make that 2 in black :P

Outfit #3:

Anthropologie Sheer Pleated Shirt, Free People Bronze Embroidered Pants & Jeffrey Campbell Patchwork Leather Booties

Ivory Anthro Pleated Shirt & Bronze Free People Embroidered Pants

Sheer Pleated Shirt, Embroidered Pants, Patchwork Leather 'Lita' Booties

A Closer Look: A Pleathora of Pleats, Patchwork & Leather

Just like the first outfit, statement footwear sets the foundation for this next outfit as well. Here, my bold Jeffrey Campbell ‘Lita Booties’ not only stand out, but also set the color scheme for the rest of the ensemble. The multi-colored patchwork leather booties incorporate the neutral hues of my ivory pleated blouse from Anthropologie and the bronze with gold embroidery bottoms.

Do you ever mix feminine fabrics with heavy weight opposites? Out of the contrasting combos I created here, which one is your favorite?